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Gurgling sounds in the stomach

Hpathy Ezine, April, 2010 | Print This Post Print This Post |

Gurgling sounds in the stomach

Posted by: Ramesh Das

Dear Sir,
I am 26 years old.I have been suffering from Gurgling sound within the stomach for last 3 years. The same is very much audible to the person sitting beside me. Unable to sit for a long hour due to the discomfort and an urge to pass stool.After passing stool feel very much comfortable for at least half hour. And again the same symptom appears with empty stomach like feeling accompanied by girgling sound. This sound increases when I am in meeting, specially the area free from external noise . Appearance of burning sensation during & after passing stool and sometime appearance of slight blood in the stool.For your further information the nature of my stool is soft. I had tried alopathy but did not get the desired result. Please help me. Some time I really feel very embarassing due to the girgling sound in the stomach.

Best Regards,
Ramesh Das

You seem to have very active intestinal movements. I think this may be rleated to acidity and a chronic intestinal infection like giardiasis.

Take chronic homeopathic treatment from a classical homeopath to overcome this digestion problem. Some food items may not agree with you – find out which they are by observation and avoid then for some time. Avoid eating food from hotels and roadside hawkers and eat your meals on time.
All the ebst,
dr. leela


Leela D'Souza

Leela D'Souza is a Bombay-based homeopathic professional whose experience includes intensive medical training in one of India's leading homeopathic medical institutions. Her private practice in homeopathic healing spans a decade and a half.