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Treatment for vaginal wall cysts.

Treatment for vaginal wall cysts.

Posted by: Jolie-USA

I recently went to my gynecologist and was told I have a vaginal wall cyst. She said it may never go away but just to leave it alone and not worry about it unless it causes pain. I am wondering if there is any herbal treatments I could use to make it go away. I have read online about Sepia and Ovarian cyst and Bartholin gland cyst treatment. Would this work for vaginal wall cysts. Thank you!


Sepia could help, and in general this type of condition usually responds very well to homeopathic treatment, so it is definitely worth trying.
However, for chronic issues, it is best to have a one-to-one consultation to ensure a proper case analysis, prescription and case management. This will allows the selection of the best supporting remedies (cysts has many remedies that can help).
Please be so kind to contact a homeopath in your area. For information, here is a list of recognised organisations:

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