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Homeopathy treatment of Melasma

Hpathy Ezine, March, 2011 | Print This Post Print This Post |

Homeopathy treatment of Melasma

Posted by: Richa

How long does homeopathy treatment takes to cure Melasma because I have been taking the treatment now for four months from a reputed centre in Hyderabad, India and only about 10% of the patches have shown improvement. I am getting disheartened despite being a homeopath believer. I am 46 years old, female in good health and I have these patches since 1995. They were small before and now they are all over the face.

You have had these patches for over 15 years. Since you notice some improvement within 4 months of treatment, you should continue with the same. Do not be in a hurry to change your doctor or course of treatment. Homeopathy should definitely be helpful to you.

Dr. Firuzi Mehta

Firuzi Mehta

Dr. Firuzi Mehta qualified as a homeopathic physician in 1997. She then did her H.M.D. from the British Institute of Homoeopathy, London and also did a brief course in Anthroposophy which includes Iscador Therapy for Cancer. She practices in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. She has been working with the Hpathy Team since 2008.

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