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Hypothalamus gland problem needs help

Hpathy Ezine, July, 2010 | Print This Post Print This Post |

Hypothalamus gland problem needs help

Posted by: sumit boral

is there any remady available for hypothalamus gland which can fix the hypothalamus gland problem?

Remedies in homeopathy are rarely prescribed based only on the location of the complaint. It is best that an experienced homeopath is consulted for proper case taking, remedy selection and case management.

Good luck!

Dr. Firuzi Mehta

Firuzi Mehta

Dr. Firuzi Mehta qualified as a homeopathic physician in 1997. She then did her H.M.D. from the British Institute of Homoeopathy, London and also did a brief course in Anthroposophy which includes Iscador Therapy for Cancer. She practices in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. She has been working with the Hpathy Team since 2008.

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