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A Cure of Viral Warts with Homoeopathy

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Dr. Pranali M. Wandile presents a case of chronic disfiguring warts in a middle aged man.


Warts are very common non-cancerous growths of the skin caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) virus infection. There are more than 100 HPV subtypes which manifest variety of symptoms. Common warts which appear on the face, hands and feet are a specific strain of this virus. The warts due to HPV can be infectious and can spread to another part of the body. Warts are common in people who have a deficient immune system or those who are being treated with immune suppressant medications. Due to their defective skin barrier, it is also common in patients having eczema1

Conventional Treatment

Since treatment of warts can be more painful than having painless warts, often people don’t want to treat then unless they are causing a disturbance in daily life or if it’s an aesthetic concern. For treating viral warts, there is no universally effective treatment. The immune system can be strengthened to fight viral warts1 by healthy diet and life style. HPV vaccines are used for prevention of anogenital warts, however, cure of non-genitial warts is also reported with HPV vaccine use.

Topical treatment: It includes wart slaves which contain salicylic acid or similar compounds and they work by removing the dead surface skin cells.

Cryotherapy:  It involves freezing of warts using chemicals. It is an uncomfortable procedure which may result in blistering for several days and it requires repetition. Combining Immunotherapy with cryotherapy can reduce the number of cryotherapy sessions.

Electrosurgery : In the curettage and cautery procedure under local anesthesia warts get trimmed along with burning of its base.

Other treatments for warts are as follows

Occlusion with duct tape, topical retinoids, such as tretinoin cream or adapalene

gel, hyperthermia, the immune modulator imiquimod cream, fluorouracil cream,

immunotherapy with Candida albicans or tuberculin PPD, bleomycin injections,

oral zinc oxide and zinc sulfate, oral retinoids, immune stimulation

using diphencyprone, squaric acid, etc.

Homoeopathic Approach to Treating Warts

As we know, homoeopathic philosophy directs us to the complete annihilation of the disease rather than temporarily suppression of it. This means any treatment which favors cutting, burning, cauterizing or external application for the product of the disease is not going to cure it.

Let’s assume HPV virus  and poor immune system are the only causative factors for warts, then we can say homoeopathic medicines should be prescribed based on these factors. Poor immune system which causes susceptibility to HPV virus infection can be taken care by a homoeopathic constitutional, miasmatic treatment approach.

Though Sycosis predisposes a human body to hyperplasia, tumor formation, a mixed  Psoro-syocotic-syphiltic (Tubercular Miasm) background  can be considered while treating warts. We are in the world of suppression of miasms, so no doubt the Tubercular miasm is in the background of many diseases.

Homoeopathic medicines for warts include : – Antimonium Crudum, Calcarea Carbonica, Causticum, Dulcamara, Ferrum Picricum, Graphites, Natrum Muriaticum, Natrum sulphuricum, Nitricum Acidum, Ruta Graveolens, Thuja Occidentalis, Medorrhinum, Tuberculnum Bovinum, Syphilinum. Sepia, Silicia, Carcinosin, Sangunaria, etc.

Case History of a Miraculous Cure

Year 2004-

A male patient in his 50’s came with the history of recurrent warts which had covered his entire face. Wart density was so great that his facial features are indistinguishable. I didn’t know what the patient looked like until he came back in 15 days after he received the first prescription. The first medicine I prescribed was based on my twenty minutes of case taking. Honestly I felt it was a hopeless case which required a long duration of treatment.  He reported that he wanted to die as his suffering was unbearable due to this disease.  He said he was sitting in a  restaurant and thinking of committing of suicide, when he was approached by someone who gave him my address and informed him of my success stories. I took his medical history as follows.

History of facial warts since five years, diagnosed by dermatologist as viral warts.

Patient couldn’t shave his face as the warts bled heavily if he tried to do so.

History of cauterization seven times in last 5years. Warts reappear and fill the entire face less than six month after cauterization.

History of extensive medicinal treatment from four different dermatologists

No other health issues

Family history :

Father-  Hypertension

Mother- Arthritis

Children- No major illnesses

Sibling- No major illnesses

Desire – for sweets, fruits, spicy food

Thermals: Patient is hot, prefers cold things, likes winter, prefers fanning throughout the year, prefers bathing with cold water for most of the year, except winter when he prefers lukewarm water. Prefer lukewarm food.

Mind:  Despair, suicidal tendency/ anguish due to extensive warts on his face+++

Based on two keynotes, I prescribed following medication.

  • Suppression of skin disease
  • Hot patient

I prescribed Sulphur 30 – 6 doses-TID, followed by placebo, TID for remaining 13 days.

The patient came back in 15 days. This time I was able to identify his facial features as the warts had subsided significantly. He was overjoyed and couldn’t stop saying thank you. He said he had been in complete despair and had lost all  hope.

My next prescription was Medorrinum based on the following:

Personnel and family history of sycotic background : Warts/  family history of hypertension.   Hot patient

I prescribed Medorrinum 200 – 4 doses- BID- 2days, followed by placebo TID- 13 days

Patient came back in 15 days.  He was 80% better. This time I was able to see the difference clearly as I remembered his facial features from second follow up.

I increased Sulphur potency to 200- 4 doses, BID, followed by placebo TID for 13 days.

That was again followed by Medorrinum 200- 4 doses, BID, followed by placebo TID  for 13 days

Patient came back after one month- which was 2 months from the initiation of treatment.  I found his warts were completely gone and his face was completely clean without a single mark of the previous disease.

I still continued his treatment for 10 months just to see if the warts reappeared            (considering his warts recurrent history).

Sulphur 1m- 2 doses-BID, followed by placebo TID for one month

Medorrrhium 1m- 2 doses, BID,  followed by placebo TID for one month

Carcinosin 200- 4 doses, BID, followed by placebo TID  for one month

Sulphur 10m- 2 doses, BID, followed by placebo TID for one month

Medorrihum – 10m,2 doses,BID,  followed by placebo TID for one month

Carcinosin 1m – 2 doses,BID, followed by placebo TID for one month

After one year there was still no recurrence of warts. Finally, I told him to stop the remedies.  An amazing cure!

This patient started advertising this miraculous cure everywhere, including the police department. (as by profession he was a police commissioner).  No wonder I experienced a queue of patients waiting for me at my clinic. This miraculous cure gave me lot of fame in a very short period of time, which I never expected!


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