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Pulse has slowed down. Blood pressure lower. Much calmer. No crying, no sadness, just positive. I had a very positive dream about work, I was getting very good feedback at work. I heard someone calling my name in my dreams. Very good dreams.’

Rx: Neon 30C when needed. (In case of relapse)

Follow up three months later

She repeated Neon once.

‘Doing very well, Neon has really helped me. Much calmer, more productive. I am working on my house. No anxiety, feeling lighter and brighter, managing life better and feeling positive.

My blood pressure remains high, but it has been like that all my life and I don’t expect it to change. However, I take no medication and feel OK. No more headaches and no more dizziness.

Voice is becoming more articulate, people understand me better.

I exercise more, put myself first more often, feel strong and not weepy.

Dreamt of a serene, inspiring Japanese woman, felt drawn to her. Can’t get a song out of my head ‘The Greatest Love’ by Barbra Streisand. I am opening up to the possibility of needing someone! I feel much stronger, Neon has done me a lot of good, I’m coping so well, no more despair, so happy that I want to dance.’

Rx: Neon 30C when needed.

Comment (JS):

My assessment is that this lady was in a state of severe depression. I chose Neon because of the aggravation from neon lights, the attraction to the moon, stars and  angels, light and luminosity, as well as the strong contradiction between happiness and optimism on the one hand, and deep despair on the other. Her general demeanour was childish and naïve.

Neon –The Noble Gasesby Jeremy Sherr

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Jeremy Sherr

Jeremy Sherr

Jeremy Sherr was born in South Africa and grew up in Israel. He has taught in most of the British schools of homeopathy and began the Dynamis School in 1986. Jeremy has also taught in Spain, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, China, Russia, India, Japan, South Africa, and Australia. He maintains busy practices in London, Tel Aviv, and New York. He was awarded a fellowship from the Society of Homoeopaths in 1991 and a Ph.D. from Medicina Alternativa. He was also awarded an honorary PhD from Pioneer University and an associate Professor at University Candegabe for Homoeopathy, Argentina. He is the author of numerous homeopathy textbooks and journal articles and has proved 32 new homeopathic remedies. His latest book is Dynamic Materia Medica: Syphilis, a Study of the Syphilitic Miasm through Remedies. He is currently working on a book on the Noble gases. Recently, he released The Dynamic Case Taker, a new software program for homeopaths to assist in everything from casetaking to perceiving what is to be cured in a case, analysis, synthesis and case management. He is also the Author of Q-Rep, the repertory of Mental Qualities.

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