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  1. Manish Bhatia


    Roasted Sponge A remedy especially marked in the symptoms of the respiratory organs, cough, croup, etc. Heart affections and often indicated for the tubercular diathesis. Children with fair complexion, lax fiber; swollen glands. Exhaustion and heaviness of the body after slight exertion, with orgasm of blood to chest, face. Anxiety and difficult breathing. Mind.–Anxiety and fear. Every excitement increases the cough. Head.–Rush of blood; bursting headache; worse, forehead. Eyes.–Watering; gummy or mucus discharge. Nose.–Fluent coryza, alternating with stoppage. Dryness; chronic, dry, nasal catarrh. Mouth.–Tongue dry and brown; full of vesicles. Throat.–Thyroid gland swollen. Stitches and dryness. Burning and stinging. Sore...
  2. Manisha Bhatia


    Pheasant’s Eye A heart medicine, after rheumatism or influenza, or Bright’s disease, where the muscles of the heart are in stage of fatty degeneration, regulating the pulse and increasing the power of contractions of heart, with increased urinary secretions. Most valuable in cardiac dropsy. Low vitality, with weak heart and slow, weak pulse. Hydrothorax, ascites. Anasarca. Head.–Feels light; aches across front, from occiput around temples to eyes. Vertigo on rising, turning head quickly or lying down. Tinnitus. Scalp feels tight. Eyes dilated. Mouth.–Slimy. Tongue dirty yellow, sore, feels scalded. Heart.–Mitral and aortic regurgitation. Chronic aortitis, Fatty heart pericarditis. Rheumatic Endocarditis...
  3. Manish Bhatia


    Sea-onion A slow acting remedy. Corresponds to ailments requiring several days to reach their maximum. Persistent, dull, rheumatic pains permeate the body. A spleen medicine; stitches under left free ribs. Important heart and kidneys medicine. Broncho-pneumonia. Acts especially on mucous membranes of the respiratory and digestive tracts, and also upon the kidneys. Valuable in chronic bronchitis of old people with mucous rales, dyspnœa, and scanty urine. Eyes.–Feel irritable; child bores into them with fists. Sensation as if swimming in cold water. Stomach.–Pressure like a stone. Respiratory.–Fluent coryza; margins of nostrils feel sore. Sneezing; throat irritated; short, dry cough; must take...
  4. Manish Bhatia


    Betony Wood (BETONICA) Produces pains in various parts. Head.–Stitches in right temple. Inability to concentrate mind. Abdomen.–Pains in abdomen, hepatic region and of transverse colon, also in gall-bladder and right inguinal region and spermatic cords. Extremities.–Shooting pain in back of both wrist joints. Wrist drops. Pain in right popliteal space down leg, which feels paralyzed.   Share this post Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin Pin it on pinterest Share with Stumblers Tweet about it
  5. Manish Bhatia


    Tin (STANNUM) Chief action is centered upon the nervous system and respiratory organs. Debility is very marked when Stannum is the remedy, especially the debility of chronic bronchial and pulmonary conditions, characterized by profuse muco-purulent discharges upon tuberculosis basis. Talking causes a very weak feeling in the throat and chest. Pains that come and go gradually, call unmistakably for Stannum. Paralytic weakness; spasms; paralysis. Mind.–Sad, anxious. Discouraged. Dread of seeing people. Head.–Aching in temples and forehead. Obstinate acute coryza and influenza with cough. Pain worse motion; gradually increasing and decreasing as if constricted by a band; forehead feels pressed inwards....
  6. Manish Bhatia


    Stavesacre Nervous affections with marked irritability, diseases of the genito-urinary tract and skin, most frequently give symptoms calling for this drug. Acts on teeth and alveolar periosteum. Ill effects of anger and insults. Sexual sins and excesses. Very sensitive. Lacerated tissues. Pain and nervousness after extraction of teeth. Sphincters lacerated or stretched. Mind.–Impetuous, violent outbursts of passion, hypochondriacal, sad. Very sensitive as to what others say about her. Dwells on sexual matters; prefers solitude. Peevish. Child cries for many things, and refuses them when offered. Head.–Stupefying headache; passes off with yawning. Brain feels squeezed. Sensation of a ball of lead...
  7. Manish Bhatia


    Chickweed Induces a condition of stasis, congestion, and sluggishness of all functions. Morning aggravation. Sharp, shifting, rheumatic pains in all parts very pronounced. Rheumatism; darting pains in almost every part; stiffness of joints; parts sore to touch; worse, motion. Chronic rheumatism. Shifting pains (Puls; Kali sulph). Psoriasis. Enlarged and inflamed gouty finger joints. Head.–General irritability. Lassitude, indisposition to work. Smarting and burning in eyes, feel protruded. Dull, frontal headache; worse in morning and left side with sleepiness. Neck muscles stiff and sore. Eyes feel protruded. Abdomen.–Liver engorged, swollen, with stitching pain and sensitive to pressure. Clay-colored stools. Hepatic torpor. Constipation...
  8. Manish Bhatia


    Lungwort (STICTA) Offers a set of symptoms like coryza, bronchial catarrh and influenza, together with nervous and rheumatic disturbances. There is a general feeling of dullness and malaise, as when a cold is coming on; dull, heavy pressure in forehead, catarrhal conjunctivitis, etc. Rheumatic stiffness of neck. Mind.–Feels as if floating in air (Datura arborea; Lac. Can). Confusion of ideas; patient must talk. Head.–Dull headache, with dull heavy pressure in forehead and root of nose. Catarrhal headache before discharge appears. Burning in eyes and soreness of balls. Sensation as if scalp were too small. Burning in eyelids. Nose.–Feeling of fullness...
  9. Manish Bhatia


    Corn-silk (ZEA) Has marked urinary symptoms, and has been used with success in organic heart disease, with much œdema of lower extremities and scanty urination. Enlarged prostate and retention of urine. Uric and phosphatic Gonorrhœa. Cystitis. Urinary.–Suppression and retention. Dysuria. Renal lithiasis; nephritic colic; blood and red sand in urine. Tenesmus after urinating. Vesical catarrh. Gonorrhœa. Cystitis. Shucks (as a decoction used for chronic malaria, teaspoonful doses freely. Dr. E. C. Lowe, England). Dose.–Tincture in tent-to fifty-drop doses.   Share this post Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin Pin it on pinterest Share with...
  10. Manish Bhatia


    Queen’s Root (STILLINGIA) Chronic periosteal rheumatism, syphilitic and scrofulous affections. Respiratory symptoms well marked. Torpor of lymphatics; torpid liver, with jaundice and constipation. Mind.–Gloomy forebodings; depressed. Respiratory.–Dry, spasmodic cough. Larynx constricted, with stinging in fauces. Trachea feels sore when pressed. Hoarseness and chronic laryngeal affections of public speakers. Urinary.–Urine colorless. Deposits white sediment; urine milky and thick. Extremities.–Aching pains in bones of extremities and back. Skin.–Ulcers; chronic eruptions on hands and fingers. Enlarged cervical glands. Burning, itching of legs; worse, exposure to air. Exostosis. Scrofuloderma; syphilis, secondary eruption and later symptoms. Valuable for intercurrent use. Modalities.–Worse, in afternoons, damp air,...