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Using numerology to solve cases!

We’d like to welcome to the Hot Seat, today, the one and only…Mati Fuller, DIHom!


Mati practices in Crestone, Colorado and is about to teach us something new and exciting: namely, how to use numerology to solve cases! I met Mati through “J’s Case”. When she casually mentioned that she had come up with Joshua’s remedy through numerology, I knew we had to have her here to explain her novel approach. Who knows, Mati, this could be the day you become famous!

Thank you, Elaine.  Well, I was born and raised in Norway and came to the United States in 1985.

So far, so good.  Did you say Norway? I love Norway!  I especially love “Norwegian Wood” by The Beatles. How did you happen to become interested in homeopathy?

When I was 18, I had a chronic problem that nobody could help me with; for a year I took prescription drugs to no avail, and luckily happened to meet a homeopath who talked with great passion about this great form of healing. I was quickly inspired to make an appointment, and of course, my problem disappeared, never to return.

When I was younger I lived a busy life and travelled around the world several times. It wasn’t until I settled down, and after my babies were out of diapers, that I was able to dive into the mysteries of homeopathy. It was good to finally devote time to something I had had an interest in since I experienced my own personal healing at 18, but I found that homeopathy was a lot more challenging than I could have ever imagined!

What was challenging in particular?

Repertorizing cases. I went through every page of Karen Allen’s workbook, but still found it challenging to be able to know what was most important in a case. I learned a lot about this from Karen Allen as well as the tutors at the British Institute of Homeopathy, but I still had cases that were very difficult to figure out.

I have heard from other homeopaths that there is always going to be a certain number of cases you can’t figure out, that you may have to refer to someone else. However, I noticed that a lot of the people who came to see me had already been referred to every healer in the area!

That does tend to put a person on the spot.

Exactly! After I got my diplomas from British Institute I learned case taking from Karen Allen, and I am currently taking Dr. S.K. Banerjea’s postgraduate training course, and also writing a book about relationships from a homeopathic point of view.

Oh wow, please let us know when that one is out!

Thank you, I will! Crestone is a small place where people aren’t very open to homeopathy. It is definitely the “last thing on their list” in the process of healing, so I find myself mostly getting clients with extremely difficult cases.


Yes, these clients had seen everyone and tried everything before they came to see me, I being their “last resort” before they would have just given up on ever getting well.

I wanted to help these people, but I felt like I was fumbling in the dark, trying to look at the case from many different angles, and feeling very frustrated. It was out of this frustration, or maybe divine inspiration, that I one day picked up a small numerology book that sat on my shelf, wondering if I could find any useful information in it.

So, that’s how it happened! What was the name of the book?

Numerology For Decoding Behavior by Michael Brill. (I want to stress that my use of numerology has nothing to do with the British Institute, Karen Allen or Dr. S.K. Banerjea.)

Don’t worry, we won’t mention their names!

Michael Brill has created a super easy system of numerology to help pinpoint anyone’s core issues or negative behavior patterns in only minutes!

I tried the system first on family members, friends, and even on the local real estate agents…

…and I found it very accurate. I was also wondering, since the numbers only go from 1-9, if I was going to be able to identify more than 9 remedies, but I had no reason to worry. The combination of the numbers from the birthday information together with the name-numbers creates a very clear picture of someone’s core issues.

How fascinating!

What Michael Brill describes in his book is what I call “someone’s most negative potential”, which is exactly what we need to know as homeopaths.

These are all the things that nobody is ever going to tell you in a session! When did you last hear a person say, ” I am very controlling. I have to have everything my own way! I argue with everyone! I’m criticical of everything! I hate people I don’t agree with! I hold on to things forever! I put everything off until tomorrow!”

Alright, I may have said it once, but I’m trying to…

Elaine, I’m not talking about you!


And that is the main reason why our job as homeopaths is almost impossible!

Utterly impossible!

However, with this little numerology book, you can instantly see “the red line” going through the case, and you will know what is essential and what is not.

But you still have to take a proper case, right?

Most definitely. Repertorizing numerology issues gives you a small list of possible remedies to look at, and a good idea of what someone’s core issues are, but to pinpoint the best remedy, it is essential to cross reference with specific physical and general symptoms from the case, as well as Strange, Rare and Peculiars and characteristic mental symptoms. The purpose of using numerology is just to help you pinpoint the essence of the case.

If I could jump in here and play devil’s advocate regarding numerology, let me first ask why we should even believe in something that seems very arbitrary on the face of it: we add up the letters but not all the letters; it seems like somebody just arbitrarily assigned values and decided what would and wouldn’t be added, does this make sense to you? And then if you add up to a five you’re this kind of a person but if you’re a nine you’re that kind of a person….seems like we’d have to be putting a lot of faith in a hypothesis that isn’t self-evident.

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