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  • 3 years ago


    Suji Posted an update in LAYMAN'S HOMEOPATHY 3 years ago

    Please specify the age limits for infants,children,adult,old age according to homeopathy.

    • Mrinal Mohapatra 3 years ago

      Same, as in general .

      • Suji 3 years ago

        I understand as
        Infant : 0-1y
        children: 1-18y
        old age: 60y above

        Is this correct

        • Mrinal Mohapatra 3 years ago

          from puberty to 20 teenage .

          • Suji 3 years ago

            Means children : 1-13y
            adult: 20-60y
            Puberty:13y means from start – end of13y only one year
            Is that so
            what is the middle age???


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