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-- L. A. Rousseau


Let us cite here four other remedies that are less frequently used: Calcarea carbonica (psora, sciatica after working in water). In the antecedents we find gonorrhoea, vaccination or serological injections.

(1) Two ground remedies are useful: Thuja and Natrum Sulphuricum. The first one is more important than the second one. The nosode Medorrhinum will give good result..

(2) Psoric ground of arthritis is very favourable for sciatica: Sulphur and Psorinum are the ground remedies, the first one is more important than the second. If there is doubt that tuberculosis is closely connected with psora, Marmoreck and T.R. should be used in oxygenoids and T.R. in hydrogenoids. These will be the remedies.

(3) For syphilitic ground Luesinum is to be used.

(4) The cancer ground, with its deep intoxication, its eliminations or its fixations along a nerve is also a cause of sciatica. The 
ground remedies such as Lycopodium, Arsenicum etc. should be carefully individualized because of the morbid transfer. The 
most recommendable nosode is heterogeneous or autogenous sanguine therapy (isopathy).

Finally we should recommend not to omit in the interrogatory an enquiry on possible traumatism.

Ground remedies. We are first of all taking up the study of some remedies that we consider particularly as remedies of the ground of sciatica but, if they cover well the cause, may also be used as symptomatic remedies. When they are used as ground remedies, they are to be prescribed in high dilutions (200, M). The most important are Sulphur and Thuja.

Sulphur (30, 200, M)--- Psora. Left sided. Graphites (psora, chilliness), Natrum muriaticum (tuberculinics, Agg. on sea side) and Silicea (tuberculinics, extreme sensitiveness to cold) and we will add two nosodes: Medorrhinum and Luesinum.

Medorrhinum (200, M)---  Agg. of all symptoms while thinking about them. Amel. on sea side, at night. 
Changing character, impatient, anxious. Time passes very slowly. Fear of becoming mad. Sensation of heat; burning pains in the brain; sweating palms. Conscious of her uterus (Dr. Chiron); bad smell of the skin, of secretions.

Luesinum (200, M)---  Agg. at night, on sea side. Amel. on mountains. Excessive nervousness, anxious for his health, diminution of memory. Continually washes his hands, desire for alcohol. Pains increase and decrease gradually. Bone pains. Headache. Deep longitudinal crack on the tongue (Dr, Chiron) Restlessness of the limbs, which he must move continually. In sciatica movement and walking ameliorate.

Considered as ground remedies, they should be used in high dilutions (200, M) and should be repeated at long intervals (three weeks or one month).

Symptomatic remedies. In sciatica if one wants to be successful one must look for "Simile" or "Similimum". The result will be as favorable as the medicines are individualized. Two remedies may be repeated alternately, at one interval of two to three hours, when more than one remedies are chosen. In chronic cases, 6 or 30 once or twice. When there is the possibility of finding a single remedy it is then the triumph of unicism and in that case the medicine may be used according to the Kentian fashion, in high dilution and waiting for the results.

We have classified the remedies in three groups: At first three most important remedies, then remedies in alphabetical order, which are frequently used, and finally the exceptionally or rarely indicated remedies.

Bryonia (6, 30) Agg. by movement, While standing, by superficial contract. Amel. by rest, lying on the affected side, by strong pressure. Drawing pains, lancinating as if from a "sore below the skin", of which the seat is in the lumbar region and on hips. General agg. by the heat, anger. Dryness of the mucous membranes with thirst for the large quantities of water at long intervals. Constipation.

Gnaphallium (6, 30)---  Agg. by walking; by movement; however feels the necessity of movement and change of position; while lying down. Amel. while sitting, bending the legs. Intense pains, continued pains alternating with numbness. Cramps of the calves and hips. Foetid diarrhoea, with colic, agg. in the morning.

Kali Bichromicum (6, 30)--- Left side. Agg. while standing, sitting, lying down (must change position). Amel. by walking, by flexion of limbs. Violent pain, moving along a limb; appearing and disappearing suddenly. General agg. by cold, humid coldness; towards three A.M. Agg. by drinking beer.

Remedies having frequent indications:

Aconite (6, 30) Agg. at night, by movement, by heat of the room. Amel. by rest and while sitting. Acute sciatica. Sudden attack after being exposed to dry cold. Extreme physical and mental agitation. Intolerance of heat. Fear of death. Hypersensitiveness to contact. Pain with numbness.

Ammonium muriaticum (6, 30)--- Left sided. Agg. while sitting down. Slight amelioration while walking, complete while lying down. Chronic sciatica. Sometimes grave form, with tearing pains, stinging pains accompanied by contraction of the limb, which causes limping. Menses abundant at night.

Arnica (6, 30) Agg. in the evening, at night, by movement. (Should change position), by coldness. Amel. while lying down. Burning, tearing pains. Traumatic sensation, sensation of fracture, numbness. Traumatic sciatica. Creates a scene when the doctor arrives, does not require his service.

Arsenicum album (6, 30, 200) Agg. from midnight to 2 A.M. by cold and cold application, by violent 
movement. Amel. by heat and hot applications. Burning and tearing pains forcing the patient to constantly change position. Prefers to lie down but constantly moves. Restlessness, weakness. Fear of death. Refuses to take medicines because he is hopeless of cure.

Belladonna (6, 30)---  Agg. at night, after midnight. By touch, by the least contact, by sound and light, by gush of wind. Amel. while standing, hanging the affected limb; by half sitting position, by heat. Pains appearing and disappearing suddenly. Periodical attack, beginning in the afternoon and ending at midnight. Alternate restlessness and depression. Hyperesthesia of senses. Tendency to spasms. Dilatation of pupils.

Bufo (6, 30)---  Agg. by heat, in a hot room, during sleep. Amel. by haemorrhage, by putting the feet in hot water. Mental weakness, idiocy in depressed persons, as a result of sexual abuse or of onanism. Sudden anger bites. Epilepsy.

Chamomilla (6, 30)--- Agg. at night, in bed, by the least movement, by rest. Amel. when carried, being in a vehicle. Slight amel. by cold. Pain in numbness. Intolerance of pains, with great restlessness, cries, tendency to become angry. Need for movement when suffering. General aggravation by anger and fear. General amel. by humid heat.

Cocculus (6, 30)---  Agg. by contact, by noise, in open air, afternoon. Amel. by rest. Sciatica with weakness and trembling. General aggravation by long privation of sleep, riding.

Colocynthis (6, 30, 200, M)---Right sided. Agg. in the evening, at night, by movement, by the stretching of limbs. Keeps the limbs stretched; by contact, by cold. Amel. by rest, by hot application. Very important remedy. Sciatica with intolerable pains followed by numbness and paresis. General agar. By anger.

Dioscorea (6, 30)---Right sided. Agg. when getting up, while walking, by movement. Amel. by rest, by slow extension (contrary to Colocynthis). Cramping pain along the nerve, specially in the hip. Amel. of all symptoms by extension.

Ferrum metallicum (6, 30)  Agg. by rest, at night, being seated. By cold, by air current. Amel. by moderate movement, by heat. Tearing pain. Pale and flushed individual, has gushes of heat, localized on the face. Anaemia, chlorosis.

Gelsemium (6)---  Agg. by rest, at the beginning of movement, at night. Chronic sciatica. Stubborn cases remedy of trembling.

Hypericum (6)--- Agg. by cold, humidity, mist, confined air, by touch. Amel. not marked. Hypersensitiveness of nerves, sensation of laceration, drawing pains. Burning pains with numbness. Traumatic sciatica. A remedy of traumatism of nerves. Coccygodynia. Sometimes sensation as if the limbs are detached from the body.

Iris versicolor (6)--- Left sided. Agg. at night, by lying on the painful side, by cold, by touch. Amel. by walking, heat, by bending forward. Lumbar neuralgia. Pain in the back, feels the need of a support. Weakness of the lumbar muscles. Sometimes numbness of the limbs. General conditions depressed. General agg. by fatigue, by sexual acts.

Kali iodatum (6, 30) ---Right sided (non-exclusive). Agg. at night, by lying on the painful side. Amel. by movement, by walking, in open air.

Syphilitic ground. Mercurial sciaticas. Pain in the posterior part of the hip with contractions and spasms of the muscles. General characteristics: Pains that force the patient to get up at night to move in cold air.

Kalmia (6)--- Right sided (non-exclusive), Agg. by bending double, by movement, by cold. General amelioration by eating. Pain from above downwards, lightning like pains. Fulgurating pains. Sensations of weakness and coldness of the lower limbs with numbness.

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