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  1. Homeopathic Individualization-In the Light of Electrode Potential

    Homeopathic Individualization-In the Light of Electrode Potential

    Water and the human body behave almost alike whenever any external substance is introduced in contact with them, in respect to generation of potential /emf. Here we demonstrate that every potency of any metal /non-metal in pure water is different and it is also so in the human body. It also however differs from body to body. However the generation of potential for any three electrodes strictly follows the Law of Triangle. The results of this experimental work undoubtedly confirm Hahnemann’s individualization of medicine and individualization of a patient, as stated by him long ago.
  2. Antidepressants as Placebo

    Antidepressants as Placebo

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    With homeopathy critics still alleging it to be placebo, we thought it was appropriate to publish this research by Irving Kirsh. The study found that for people who were moderately to severely depressed, allopathic antidepressants fared no better than placebo. They were different from placebo in this regard; they cost patients and insurers millions of dollars, and their side effects left thousands injured or dead.