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The first homeopathic software David Witko created was CARA which started as a software system for the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital who wanted to repertorise using Kent’s Repertory. In those early days I worked closely with Dr Michael Jenkins and we worked hard to make CARA easy to use. In fact the name chosen, CARA, means ‘friendly’ in Gaelic. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s CARA continued to develop and grow. During this time CARA gained the reputation of being really easy to use and a cost-effective way of getting started with homeopathic computer software. Subsequent upgrades and developments saw it transform into a beautiful software tool, used by thousands of homeopaths all over the world.

At the start of the 21st century and as Miccant approached 25 years of working for the homeopathic community worldwide I decided the time was right to create a new homeopathic software program. This work took 2 years of my life and has been named ISIS.

More Accessible Repertory

In addition to the ISIS intuitive ‘search-as-you-type’ repertory search, Vision adds amazingly quick repertory searching which is performed across all books and chapters simultaneously, with or without synonyms. Search all the repertories in just a couple of seconds!

ISIS also provides a quick and easy to change repertory appearance to suit your needs. The repertory can be viewed in two columns of rubrics just like the printed book for easy and instant referencing..

ISIS Vision software also supports enhanced cross-referencing for all repertories such as Complete Repertory 2005 and Repertorium Universale. When viewing a repertorisation, an enhanced replacement rubric can be instantly created from all cross-references to the rubric being considered!

For example if viewing the Mind chapter, rubric Timidity there are 16 cross-references. A simple click of the mouse allows you to create a new rubric which contains not only the remedies from the Timidity rubric, but also every remedy from all the rubrics cross-referenced! This is an amazing feature that will take your repertorisation and analysis to entirely new levels!

Deep Searching Capability

With incredibly fast and sophisticated Repertory and Materia medica searching ISIS Vision raises the standard of homeopathic software.

When searching every book in the library, search results are all displayed in a few seconds no matter how complex or large the search requirement. ISIS Vision’s incredibly intuitive interface allows for full searching of all materia medicas by simply selecting to search by sentence, paragraph or section.

ISIS Vision also supports searching by expression (e.g. ‘the bed is too hard’) and proximity i.e. how close specific words are to each other in any given text (e.g. Fear Dogs must be within 2 words of each other in the materia medica text). This greatly enhances the precision and accuracy of search results, decreasing the time spent reviewing and locating information.

ISIS Vision also conducts stem searches automatically. For example, a search for the word ‘high’ will also perform a search for the words ‘highly’ and ‘highest’, eliminating the need for the homeopath to enable the ‘stemming’ feature.

Combining fast searching with amazing precision and intelligent use of synonyms provides the best search results ever. Truly intelligent software at its best!

Improved Materia Medica

ISIS Vision allows materia medica search results to be displayed in not one, but two formats – by book or by remedy – the best of both worlds! Other software displays either by book or by remedy.

Displaying by remedy allows the homeopath to focus in on a remedy and quickly access all its references following a search, without having to go through the whole book list.

And unlike other software ISIS Vision easily allows you to read the entire content of a materia medica book on one screen. Not only that but contemporary materia medicas have been painstakingly reproduced and can be displayed by the user in their original ‘printed book’ format with all fonts, graphics, colour and layout intact for familiar, easy-on-the-eye convenience. Any web links contained in the text are immediately clickable from within the ISIS Vision program, affording the user instant, click-of-the-mouse access to the internet!

ISIS Vision’s ‘notes’ feature allows the import of any and all of your notes directly into the system. Anything you have typed into Word can easily be imported into Vision. But its cutting-edge technology takes it one step further. Once practitioner notes have been imported and every word indexed, ISIS Vision will automatically conduct a notes and materia medica search simultaneously, using all search words input, ensuring consistent, comprehensive and convenient access to all information.

Remedies Like Never Before

It is essential that a homeopath learns the similarities and differences between remedy families. In Vision, when needing to compare and differentiate between remedies or simply to learn similarities you can specify a number of important search settings, allowing for in-depth research of similarities and contrasts between remedies and their families.

For example, wishing to find more about the Snake family, you could ask to see those rubrics containing at least 6 snake remedies and have the rubrics with the most snake remedies displayed at the top of the list. This will significantly boost learning of the most important features of similar remedies or families of remedies. Your own multimedia centre!
You can now easily attach multiple photographs, audio and video files to accompany any remedy, with desired video files able to be stored and run directly from the remedy screen. This allows you to build ISIS Vision into your own multimedia centre!

This is an invaluable facility for teachers looking to share information and to the practitioner simply wishing to have all their information in one place – all easily accessible.

See and Print Colour

ISIS Vision is ablaze with colour! The screen appearance is simply gorgeous and you can fully set your own colour and dispaly preferences throughout.

Repertorisation Charts and Remedy Comparisons can be printed in full colour. Total control of pages printed and on what paper, layout and format are provided through a Print Preview feature. All images, charts and clipboards can be viewed and printed in bold, impressive colour.

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  • Sir,
    I bought this ISIS IN 2004 OR 2005 and upgraded at 2011. After upgrading by paying 3500 rupees more my search for Rajan sankaran and Jhon Scholden materia medica is not possible. Now they are asking more money for that. Even after paying more for upgradation I am unable to use my older facility. Now they want more money. Is it real up-gradation or degradation. In the name of service they want more money not based on ethics.

  • hello! i am using radar 10.5 & hompath md version ,…… i heard about your ISIS software ,i would like to know in detail about the options available in your software, how can i get the demo version of ur software & the price of it, my contact no 9059126467 , i am andhra pradesh india … thank tou

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