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August 2013 Plant Doctor

Written by Mark Moodie

Mark Moodie The Plant Doctor, answers questions about houseplants and crops. Send your questions to [email protected]

Once again I would like to extend my thanks to agrohomeopath Dr. Iftikhar Waris, from Lahore. Dr. Waris has volunteered the vast majority of suggestions this month.

Mark Moodie –


Mark Moodie & Dr. Iftikhar Waris



I am looking for treatment for sharka (it is also called plum pox) for an apricot tree. I have this tree in the garden, Southern Europe, climate continental. The tree is some 10 years old and 5 meter high. Five meters away is a cherry tree and plum tree. I have learned that is it a virus and no cure with standard “medicine”.  Also the virus is in the ground, so is the only solution to cut down the complete tree? The illness is shown today only on seeds (with pattern on seeds), but this year also some fruits have shown the same pattern. Do you have any remedy, potency and frequency to suggest and also how to administer it.

Thank you

Darko Vide MLM d.d.  


Dr. Waris: 

Hello Mr. Darko Vide

We would like to offer this solution to your problem. There is no need to cut down the tree. Two medicines should be used for your problem. SecaleCornutum 200C & Mezereum200C

You should use these on alternating weeks. First week you use Secale Cornutum 200C and the second week use Mezereum200C. After ten cycles your problem will go. Let me give a tip here: if you see some seed having a  virus please ask your plant Doctor to treat the seed. As seed treatment is always best to stop all the diseases and illnesses of the plants, including trees.



Dear Plant Doctor,

We find every year most of the mangoes fall off before they grow big…. what is the solution?  Also we find that there are some bunches instead of flowers which eventually dry and we have to eliminate them. Your reply will help in protecting the tree and the yield


TM Srinivasan    



Dear MR. M Srinivasan, 

You need to consider only one thing. In the mango as with all fruit, after the flowering stage, the fruit becomes big in stages analogous to the gestation of a human baby. If you divide the period from flowering to the maturation of the fruit into 9 stages like the 9 months of gestation, you find each situation similar to spontaneous abortion in humans.

So, if such an occurrence happens in:

First stage then give Apis Melilotus 200C .

Second stage then give Secale Cor..200C .

Third stage then give Sabina. 200C .

Fourth stage then give Kali Carb. 200C .

Fifth stage then give Sepia. 200C .

Sixth stage then give Helonias. 200C .

Seventh stage then give Sepia. 200C .

Eighth stage then give Viburnum Purpureum200C .

Ninth stage then give Kali phos. 200C .

For better taste, good size and good looking fruit you can add Iodium 200C at maturation.



Hello Doctor,

I will appreciate if you will give your valuable advice for my bitter gourd plant whose leaves are turning yellow.  (see photo)


Valerian Mendoca


Dr. Waris:

Hello MR.ValerianMendoca.

The remedies for your problem are Lecithinum 3X & Cinchona Officinalis 3X



Hi Mark:

I need to kill the grass and the weeds that have grown in my ½ acre of vegetable garden through the 31 days of straight rain.  Also, I have a gravel driveway which is overgrown with grass and weeds which I need to kill off!  So the remedy is for both, to kill the grass and the weeds in these places.  Do I use the Silicea 200 potency with irrigation for these two conditions?  What amount of water would I use with this potency Mark?   Surely I can manage and successfully remedy this unnatural overgrowth this summer.

Thanks again,



Dr. Waris: 


I have mentioned potency 200C, 20 drops of remedy used in 1000 ml water.

Mark Moodie:

I am wondering about this being an ‘unnatural overgrowth’. I wonder if your approach is in the remit of the gentlehealing art.



Hello plant doctor,

No matter which indoor potted plants I get, in few days they all die. Although, I give water them very regularly. The place where I keep them has no direct sunlight so I keep then in sunlight for few hours as instructed by the Nursery. I have tried using Bach flower remedies like walnut, crab apple, olive, gorse but of no use.  Please suggest – the remedy, dosage, repetition and any particular type of plants that I should buy.  


Dr. Anil Parekh  


List of indoor Plants given bellow.

  1. African violet
  2. Amaryllis
  3. Arrowhead vine
  4. Aloe
  5. Spider Plant
  6. Bird of paradise
  7. English Ivy
  8. Jade Plant
  9. Rubber Tree
  10. Diffenbachia
  11. Peace Lily
  12. Snake Plant
  13. Ficus
  14. Heart-Leaf Philodendron
  15. Peperomia



 Hello Dr. Anil Parekh,

You Can Use Radium Bromatum 200C  & Carbo veg 200 every week.

Dear Mark and Dr. Waris,

I am writing from Sialkot, Pakistan. I am regular reader of  Hpathy articles as I personally like the homeopathy way of treatment which I learnt from my deceased father. I would like to ask how I give different remedies to plants – I mean for any ailment we take normally 5-6 drop of dilution of any remedy in few sips of water, so how much water and drops of remedy do we require and how do we give it to plant ?
Please out line few remedies for normal flower plants and trees plant alike Ashoke which can help them to grow healthily.
Thanks for your advice and help on this subject.
Warm Regards





The Remedies for your problem are Lecithinum 3D,Carbo Veg 3D, Kali phos.3D & Cinchona Officinalis 3D. You can use 20 drops of remedy in 1000 ml water.



Hi Mark,

Can you tell me what kind of vine this is?


Rebecca Kelly  


Dr. Waris and Mark Moodie

ANSWER:  I am ‘plant doctor’ not a botanist. Please verify the name of the plant from a botanist


I have a Christmas cactus.  I was gone for 4 months and my neighbor soaked it every time it was watered. It is very lifeless.  Can you help?

Dr. Waris


You can use Natrum Mur 6D after every 10 days.



Dear Plant Doctor,

My Bird of Paradise plant was accidentally watered with sugar water. I rinsed the roots and changed the soil, but the new leaves aren’t opening. Please help me save it.

Dr. Waris:

Dear Rhonda

You can use Curare 200C after every 30 days.


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