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The Plant Doctor – October 2013

Written by Mark Moodie

Our Plant Doctors, Mark Moodie and Dr. Iftikhar Waris, answer questions about treating houseplants and crops with homeopathy. October 2013

Dear agro-Hpathy-ers

Once again I will do little apart from leave the dance-floor to Dr.Waris.

I cannot stress enough that if you get success, you will have helped yourself. Great. However, if you report back you may help many more people, and an ailing planet too. Please, please, let us know how things develop after applying these remedies.

Mark Moodie and Dr. Iftikhar Waris


Dear plant Doctor,

A friend of mine has her avocado tree infested with Trioza spp. (maybe T. anceps or T. aguacatae). Here are photographs of the leaves and of the tree foliage itself. We have been spraying it with Sambucusnigra 6D, but I am not sure of the frequency of the treatment needed. I told them to spray every third day, but I am not sure whether this is correct or not.? Am I correct or do you think a more frequent application is needed?


Sincerely yours,

Ignacio Cabrera Larios


Dear Ignacio,

You can spray ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM.200C & NITRICUM ACIDUM 200C after every three days alternately.



Dear Plant Doctor

I am collecting the scientific papers which describe the effects of homeopathic preparations (or their electronic copies ) on plants, Can you please tell me the most authoritative works on this?

Thank you!


Fedorenko Anton


Dr.Waris :

Dear Fedorenko,

Send me your E-mail and I will forward you different research papers on agro homeopathy.


Mark Moodie: You may also refer to for 250 (and counting) publications. You will have to decide what meets your criteria of ‘scientific’. You may also wish to see a recent crop of 75 papers from the 2nd International Conference on Homeopathy in Agriculture which can be accessed here: .

Also be aware of the report in this edition of Hpathy’s e-zine.



Dear Plant Doctor,

I have a gerbera polyhouse of one acre. I don’t get proper production, about 40000 flowers per month only. There is a major problem of thrips (a black winged insect that sucks plant sap) and poor stem size of the flower. What treatment can get more flowers?  Also, can cow urine be useful for gerbera? If yes, how should it be given?

Thank you


My Dear,

You can use Iodum  200C & Staphysagria 200C for this purpose with the interval of three days.


Dear Plant Doctor,

My lemon tree has gall wasps, as have all the lemon trees in my suburb. Picture attached.


Thank you!

Mark Tsaloumas


Dear Mark,

The solution to your problem is Kali Bichromicum 200 C. Spray every week.



Hello Doctor,

I have a small hibiscus plant in my teres garden with lots of millibugs that made the leaves black and sticky and the plant is not growing properly.  Can you suggest a medicine?

Thank you

Swapna Muley


Dear Swapna,

The solution for your problem is Petroleum 1M & Daphne Mezereum 1M.

Spray both Remedies after every 5 days.



Dear Plant Doctor

Can you please suggest remedies for Leaf Curl virus in chilli.


Thank you

Jay Prakash s


Dear Jay,

ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM  1M is the best solution to Leaf Curl virus in chilli.



Dear Plant Doctor,

I live in Southeast Pennsylvania, USA, zone 7a (average annual extreme min. temp -17.8 to -5 C; 0-5 F) with a home garden. My recently planted brassicas are being decimated again by both the green larvae from the cabbage white moth as well as the harlequin bug.  The occasional slug is also seen on the poor things.  I see in my Kaviraj text that there are a series of potentised remedies for these ailments (mentha, sambucasnigra, bacillus thuringiensis, salvia officinalis, pyrethrum). Can you help me decide which one is right for this situation?  Also, for next year, in the early spring and later summer, which remedies will be better at preventing this problem?

My soil is likely acidic, incredibly RICH with earthworms and has a lot of good organic material, and I don’t till anymore.  But it may be lacking something.

Thank you!


Dear Alexia,

You Can Spray

1- Cheloneglabra1M

2- Sabadilla1M


After the interval of 5 days & continue three months.



Dear Plant Doctor,

In August I said: “No matter which indoor potted plants I get, in few days they all die. Although, I water them very regularly.”  You suggested Radium brom 200 and carbo veg 200. Thank you for your suggestion. Please guide for how long should I use radium brom 200 and carbo veg  200.


Dr. Anil Parekh


Dear Anil,

Continue this treatment for the next three months.



Dear Mark,

Regarding the aphid infestation, here is how I sucessfully handled the same situation, using digital radionics.


Madeleine The Pendulist


Dear Madeleine,

You can use ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM  1M Potency after the interval of one week.

About the author

Mark Moodie

For 25 years Mark Moodie has been fascinated by holistic approaches to tending the land. He hosts the website Considera which provides a growing M.M and Repertory for plants and discusses resources for biodynamics and Agrohomeopathy The website allows the world community to contribute their experiences in planting. He has also published books by V.D. Kaviraj and other cutting edge thinkers through Mark Moodie Publications . Mark Moodie lives in the Forest of Dean as a satellite / parasite of Oaklands Park Camphill Community. He is co-inventor of the ES4 and AirFlush water-saving sanitaryware. He would like to bring scientific rigor to the study of the spirit.


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    I m from India we are farming for onion growing plants damage by thrips infestation so please suggest medicine for thrips controle with dose guidance..

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