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The Plant Doctors – February 2014


Before giving answers this month, Mark Moodie makes a plea for feedback on how his and Dr. Waris’s advice worked. If you want this column to continue , please send in the results after using the remedies.

I am trying to imagine what it must be like for readers to come across the Plant Doctor column here on for the first time, or even for those of you tuning in again. I like to think that they, you … are wondering from where does Dr.Waris draw his answers. How does he come up with Kali Phos and Berberis Vulgaris for our first correspondent – Osaka, and why Silicea and Carbo veg to mitigate Claire Green’s Californian drought?  Is his advice a groundless guess, or an inspired extrapolation from the human responses that homoeopaths have noticed over time? Is he dreaming it up, dowsing, or has he had exactly these experiences and cured them before? Perhaps it is just a whispering circuit of agrohomeopaths creating dogma by repeating rumour? My concern is that in a hundred years these same questions might still be being brought to mind without hope of resolution.

I propose two things. The first is that I channel my energy to fulfill a wish that Dr.Waris and I have discussed over the years, which is to accept his offer to put his experiences and theories together in a publication. There, should we work well, one might begin to find an answer to our questions.

The second depends on you. If I manage to put this publication together what will it be in a hundred years? A coffee table curiosity for collectors of bizarre theses? Or a book that sit alongside Kaviraj’s ‘Homeopathy for Farm and Garden’, Christiane Maute’s ‘Homeopathy for Plants’, Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Agriculture Course’, Lili Kolisko’s ‘Agriculture of Tomorrow’ – as one of the pieces of work that helped turn agriculture back from toxic dependency?

In what way does this depend on you? It depends on you because it will just be another book on your shelf unless you not only read it, and not only try some things in your fields and gardens and pots – but actually share the results of what you have experienced.

Kaviraj and now Dr.Waris have offered their opinions most generously over the short history of this column but, it seems to me, that we only see one tiny part of many stories, just a question and an answer on a web site. We are barely introduced to what has happened so far, and very, very rarely are we informed about what happened next? Will Kali. p and Berberisv  help at all? Will something unexpected happen? Will it be the only thing that helped? Were there any unintended consequences? And not to put all the pressure on the remotely-located Osaka and the thirsty Californian growers, what of all the stories in this month’s column and all those in the past – and those to come?

So the second thing I propose is that if you cannot add your experiences into the materia medica for agriculture yourself – at  Add your own experiences  – I will add them for you  Write me and tell me what happened from the remedy.  Write me at [email protected] .  This still depends on you because my crystal ball never worked, my clairvoyance is not very clear at all. I need you to let me know what happens next, in a very mundane way, by email or post or by commenting on this column.

This is all I have to offer and I will not be part of the Plant Doctor next year unless there is some feedback in this year. This is not (I hope) a hissy fit from a prima donna writer, it’s just that I don’t know what’s going to sort out your plants unless I see that something has already helped someone else. The materia medica and repertory are one of the exemplary aspects of human homeopathy but they didn’t come together by people being shy or lazy or too busy. They needed experiences to be noted with clarity which are then shared and then collated. How much easier is that for our digital generation than for Dr.Kent’s and Dr Hahnemann’s?

In short: feedback, please, or I’m out of here!

Mark Moodie  [email protected]


Mark Moodie and Dr. IftikharWaris


Dear Plant Doctor

I have a plant that I usually water every 3 days, but now suddenly it became dull even with watering. I even tried to crush a Centrum pill (multivitamin) into water, but still no response from the plant. Please give me advice what to do and if there is any substance to be added to the plant. Please advise on the basis of DIY because I am in a remote area where it is hard to find special plant substances.


Thank you for the help

Best Regards,



Dear Osaka,

You can use Kali phos 3D & Berberis vulgaris 3D respectively.



We are currently experiencing the worst drought in recorded history in California.  Only 8″ inches rain last year and none in sight. This summer looks to be shaping up to be difficult. I know Dr. Kaviraj recommended Carbo veg for drought stressed plants. Do you have any further suggestions for gardeners dealing with lack of water and overly dry soils?

Thank you,

Claire Green – Santa Rosa, CA


You can use Silicea 200C with Carbo veg 20 as prescribed by Dr. Kaviraj


Dear Sir,

We are planting tomatoes on our farm. Can you provide us the basic and advanced treatment for fungus and insects using homeopathy remedies and the medicines for plant growth and increasing the productivity of plants?

Thank you



You can use  Secale Cornutum 200c & Mezereum 200c


Hi Mark, Dr. Waris,

As I have mentioned in a previous e-mail I had mixed results using homeopathic  preparations on fruit trees.

I would really appreciate if you could suggest solutions for the following issues:

  1. Black knot disease on the plums.

Please try BerberisVulg 3D

2. Plum curculio insect control.

Please try Staphysagria 3d

3. Pear rust fungus.

Please try Mezereum 200c

4.Control of insects and fungus on apples, apricots, cherries and peaches.

Please try Mezereum 200c

5.Is spraying  the preferred application method or root feeding as favored by the late Dr. Kaviraj?

Root feeding is good.

6. What is the recommended dosage of medicine, drops or pellets, per one liter of water?

Please use 10 drops per litre.

7.Would it be better to use medicine as a prevention or when the symptoms show up?

It is better to use medicines for prophylactic reasons.

Thank you.



Hi Plant Doctors,
My tangerine trees have become infected with the greening disease which is a bacterial infestation. The leaves turn light green and mottled looking. The fruit is misshapen and the trees will die. Is there anything I might be able to do? Help!



Please try Justicia Adhatoda 3c


Hello Mark, Dr. Waris,

Thanks for the solution for the Taro Plant. I have a Pepper Plant (capsicum) in my garden that has been affected by black insects on the leaves.I have tried Ash application on the leaves. It works but gets washed away easily. Can you suggest a good remedy for treating infection and increasing yield of pepper plants?

Maulik Miraj


Please try Kali phos 3D & Ambra Grisea 3D.


I have a Begonia houseplant that has been severely attacked by something, which I thought was spidermite.  However, there are no webs.  The leaves, before I washed them, were shiny from a sticky substance, and absolutely covered with insects.  I treated the plant with Amblyseium. Looking at photos of the leaves and stems, the insects…,very, very tiny and white, almost pin-prick size–do seem to have an arachnoid appearance.  Mealy bugs are much bigger, so I’m pretty sure that’s not what’s infesting this plant.

Can you tell me what it is and what I should use for treatment?

Joy Metcalf


For mealy bugs you can use Antimonium Tartaricum 200c & Mezereum 200c.

The Plant Doctors!

About the author

Mark Moodie

For 25 years Mark Moodie has been fascinated by holistic approaches to tending the land. He hosts the website Considera which provides a growing M.M and Repertory for plants and discusses resources for biodynamics and Agrohomeopathy The website allows the world community to contribute their experiences in planting. He has also published books by V.D. Kaviraj and other cutting edge thinkers through Mark Moodie Publications . Mark Moodie lives in the Forest of Dean as a satellite / parasite of Oaklands Park Camphill Community. He is co-inventor of the ES4 and AirFlush water-saving sanitaryware. He would like to bring scientific rigor to the study of the spirit.


  • ok Mark 🙂

    i love it, i continue to read this first every month. but you have to admit, Kaviraj had more to say, more to teach. i hope you or Doctor Waris will start explaining a bit more. i am interested in his remedies as some of them i’ve never encountered. also he uses high potencies which i believe Kaviraj did not do and i’m interested in the potencies issue.

    don’t quit!

  • For mealy bugs you have suggested Antimony Tart and Mezereum.Shold they be mixed or sprayed separately? If separately,which one should be used first? Or if only one of the two is to be used which should be preferred? I have Mealy Bug problem in tomatoes.Weather is gradually warming up in my part of India. .

  • To start the health of a plant preventive, I always used and still use, Silicium 6 x, as Kaviraj told me.
    After that, you have to look in the repertory of Kaviraj or buy the book written by him.
    I solved our 600 palm trees with the isotherapy of the beasts, the larves and the eggs. Kaviraj told me to give a try and it worked. While in the south of Portugal and Spain all the palm trees died. Every month I applied this during the whole year. I am still happy with my beautiful landscape of palm trees instead of a cemetery of dead trees.
    You all have to buy the book of Kaviraj and you will learn how to treat your plants. He never fails in giving good answers. And you leave Mark and Dr. Waris in peace to do their own work. I wonder always that people are asking and asking about the same problems. If you read every month the Homeopathy for everyone, you don’t need to ask the same things. During years Kaviraj served so well this magazine.
    You got to know how to care for your garden or agriculture.(And Kaviraj also used low and high potencies).

  • Greetings Drs Moodie and Waris,

    Please hang in there. I plan on writing back with my results as per getting an avocado tree to set fruit and how the drought plays out this summer. Since I last submitted my question we have received 12 inches of rain in a single “pineapple express” storm over a three day weekend. It does not end the drought but did come at a very good time to help recharge the topsoils and help plants in imminent stress. I think that is one of the pitfalls of any agro-homeopathic outcome studies….variables keep changing! And of course, we are having a very mild winter which is conducive to blossom formation on the avocado, so if fruit gets set I will never know for sure if it was the remedies or the good weather or both.

    Plus, the world needs agro-homeopathy now more than ever with climate change, bee colony collapse disorder, increasing insect populations, etc. etc. I plan on slogging along, it seems to be destiny of a sort, even if an uphill battle. I think we need to reach out to everyone in the agricultural community, even at the risk of co-option

  • Very interesting artivcles.Kindly suggest me what remidies is to be used for Rose flowering plants for best results.

  • Greetings,

    I have quite a few house plants. About a year ago I tried several Streptocarpus. Some look healthy but don’t bloom, others dry up and die even though they have been watered. Usually the problem is with the ones I’ve been able to propagate. I wonder if it could be some sort of fungus. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    I’ve also got scale on a Meyer lemon and on a kumquat which I put out for the summer then bring indoors during the winter. I’ve used something called Fine Oil which helps keep the scale under some control. Is there something which would work better?

    Thank you for your help.


  • I had a problem with scale insects on my citrus. The first tree died because I did not do anything! When the second became infected I collected a few insects, ground them in a mortar with alcohol and made a 6X remedy which I diluted and sprayed on the scale colonies. After three applications some days apart I could not find a single scale insect.
    The basic homoeopathic principle that if you can identify the pest you have found the remedy still applies.

  • Any ideas for controlling slugs that are having a very good day munching on my plants. i tried the platters of beer to little or no avail. thanks and I will report back.

  • Dear All

    Thank you for all your interest and encouragement. We will continue to foist our opinions on you but I hear that the general feeling is that a little more context and explanation would be appreciated. Dr Waris and I will try to address that in the next column and the questions above.


  • This is a wonderful column and our entire family is a keen observer of your column. We use this for our roof garden. Fortunately, all our questions are already answered here and we didn’t ever need to post anything. Keep it going! 🙂

  • My farm is still under making (preparation). I wish to grow crops as well as some fruit bearing plants. I am determined to go organic and use homoeo medicines for all my farm related problems. Surely, I shall be visiting this site and interacting frequently.

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