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The Plant Doctors – Nov 2014

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Agrohomeopathy questions and answers for November 2014.

I am sad to report that Dr Iftikar Hussain Waris Shah died in Pakistan in October. He volunteered to join in as hpathy’s plant doctor when Kaviraj died, just one more task that he managed to achieve amongst the many other demands on his time. Thank you my big brother for this and for all the other things that you managed to squeeze into a too short life.

Dr Waris’ son and the MD of the WS Pharmacy and research station, Dr Ahsan Waris, has stepped into the breech and given answers for this month. I have invited him to continue but Alan has suggested that we make it a panel: Dr Ahsan Waris, Pawan, myself and a few others that we are now inviting to add their expertise. It could be chaos and it could be well worth reading.

Mark Moodie –


Introduction: The first place to address your question is the online materia medica – – and the less-complete repertory – The repertory and materia medica are designed so that anyone can consult them and add to them. Everyone can add their experiences on-line or by post. When you find a remedy, here are some suggestions for how to apply these to the plants:


Kaviraj suggested this:When I refer to treating plants with homeopathic remedies, this is the standard dosing procedure: Put 20 drops of a 6X potency in a litre of water. Succuss the bottle 50 times. Put this litre in the watering can, fill it up with 19 litres of tap water and stir. If the watering can is smaller, the amount of remedy put in must be proportionally smaller. Thus a 10 litre can needs only ½ litre and just 10 drops of the remedy. Apply the contents of the watering can to the roots of the plants to be treated.”

Christiane Maute has used remedies on pillules and says this in her book “Homeopathy for plants”: for your garden: Crush 6-8 globules in 150 ml or water using a plastic or wooden spoon. This mixture will be divided into 3 parts and used to make 30l of “medicinal water” in all.” (The three parts are because 10 litres is enough to carry but you can add the 150 ml to the 30 litres in one go.)

Mark Moodie says: Try the above. As agrohomeopathy is so young please do take these as no more than initial suggestions. In biodynamics we make a distinction between remedies that irrigate a plant and those that are sprayed in the air. Kavi often said you don’t take a shower in the remedy, you drink it and because a plant drinks through its roots that’s why you apply it there. But the stoma on the underside of the leaves are also paths into the plant so I would argue with Kavi. There you have it – a difference of opinion. Perhaps frustrating but I hope you will sigh and take it as a permission to experiment – AND REPORT BACK! (Thanks)


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Plant Doctors – November 2014


Hi Plant Doctors,

Can you suggest any treatment for :

  1. Banana Aphid Disease.
  1. Banana Weevil Borer.


Pradeep Shetty


Dear Pradeep,

  1. For Banana Aphid Disease, You can alternate ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM 1M & MEZEREUM 1M after every 7 days.
  2. For Banana Weevil Borer, You can use Chelone glabra 1M & Cina 1M alternately after every 3 days.

Dr Ahsan



Respected sir,

Kindly suggest medicine for my rose plant infested with white fleas which weave white threaded web on leaves. ( see pic below)



Thank you

Ravindra Awasarkar


You can alternate ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM 1M & Silicea 1M after every 4 days.

Dr Ahsan



Dear Plant Doctor,

I operate an organic farm in South Georgia, USA. Stink bugs are a major problem for all farmers, but especially organic. What homeopathics would you recommend for those?

Thank you

Connie Hayes


You can alternate ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM 1M & Cimex 1M after every 4 days.

Dr Ahsan



Hi Plant Doctor,

My Rose plant leaves are gradually turning yellow. Kindly help with some meds. Thanks



You can use Carbo veg 200 & Radium Brom 200 with irrigation after 7 days.

Dr Ahsan



Dear Plant Doctors,

We live in New York and three of our shade trees have developed leaf spot disease. The spots range from light tan to dark brown. Is there anything that can be done?


Thank you

Harriet Williams


You can use MEZEREUM 1M & KALI CARB 1M for this Problem after every 7 days

Dr Ahsan




Is there any non-chemical treatment for crown gall on rose plants? Thanks!

William Benson


Yes! Berberis Vulg 200 is the best treatment. Spray after every 5 Days.

Dr Ahsan


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About the author

Mark Moodie

For 25 years Mark Moodie has been fascinated by holistic approaches to tending the land. He hosts the website Considera which provides a growing M.M and Repertory for plants and discusses resources for biodynamics and Agrohomeopathy The website allows the world community to contribute their experiences in planting. He has also published books by V.D. Kaviraj and other cutting edge thinkers through Mark Moodie Publications . Mark Moodie lives in the Forest of Dean as a satellite / parasite of Oaklands Park Camphill Community. He is co-inventor of the ES4 and AirFlush water-saving sanitaryware. He would like to bring scientific rigor to the study of the spirit.


  • Many many thanks for kind suggestion sir,
    I’ll promptly follow the instructions.
    DR . R.M.Awasarkar

  • One comment: if you are in an area where your tap water has been chlorinated or fluoridated by the water company, you would be better using water that has been filtered or treatd to reverse osmosis to remove these elements.

  • We are so sad about Dr. Waris, he was so generous on our international Agro homeopathic conference calls.
    In Australia and the US we are challenged to find high potency remedies, will lower potency work?

  • Thank you for this marvelous and important column on treating plants with homeopathy. It is pioneering work and this column is a rare opportunity to learn about it.

  • Thanks for all the info. I have a peach tree which has had curly leaf each year for at least 10 years. Early this year I gave it a few homeopathic treatments and this spring and summer there is no curly leaf. From memory I think I used Silica 6x and possibly Belladonna 30c in water. Also, this year we have few harlequin bugs around. Usually we are inundated throughout the garden. probably because of the Silica I used throughout the garden.

  • the greatest mind present in the world today.A living legend DR.Ahsan Waris may he live long and bless the world with His works.

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