Summary of events at ‘The Other Song’

A description of events held at The Other Song between 2011 and 2013.

Summary of events at ‘The Other Song’

Summary of events at ‘The Other Song’

Academy Event organized at ‘The Other Song’



SEMINAR BY- Harry van der Zee

Clinical orientation of management for HIV/AIDS cases by Harry Van Der Zee was a half day workshop conducted by the other song academy on 1st December, 2012. The highlights of the lecture was Management of AIDS along with other epidemics like malaria, Trauma & Chronic Diseases, Clinical & practical management of cases, Interactive Session with the students to resolve queries



SEMIMAR BY- Dr. Ashok Mohanty

“APPLIED MIND” was organized by the other song academy on 10th December, 2012. The seminar focused on understanding the subtle meaning of rubrics in the mind section of repertory & their clinical application



SEMINAR BY- Dr. Rajan Sankaran

The Simplicity of Homoeopathy’ on 18th, 19th and 20th January 2013, a 3 days live seminar, on the skill and art of a successful practice for an audience of about 1000 participants in Mumbai.




MEETING OF MINDS on 3rd October, 2013 which was organized by ‘the other song and TAMSOMA. This was an event where some of the great minds of Homoeopathy who have contributed towards its growth and advances will come together on one platform to share their valuable experiences with us. The speaker of the seminar were Dr. Klaus Henning Gypser, Dr. Praful Barvalia, Dr. Parinaz Humranwala, Dr. Heike Gypser and Dr. Rajan Sankaran



Homoeopathy alive was 6 days Clinical & Practical Training Program organized by the other song academy from 4th – 9th February, 2013.  The workshop focused on Practical & clinical application of the concepts from theory of Homoeopathy. Highlights of this course was LIVE cases by senior & international panel of teachers, each day, video lectures/cases from a huge

archive of cases,  in-depth training of the method of Synergy etc.



– International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy organized an event ALUMNI MEET AND AWARDS CEREMONY on 30th June, on Sunday. On 1st July 2013, completed two years, and what can be the best way to celebrate than to evaluate how well students are doing in their practice! This event gave opportunity to the academy get reconnected to their ex-students and colleagues and Platform for alumni to present their successful cases.



WORKSHOP BY – Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar

organized an extensive 2-days workshop with Dr. Sarkar, in Mumbai,  on 29 & 30 October, 2012. Dr. Sarkar would be the sole speaker for these 2-days. Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar – the man who makes you want to believe in homoeopathy even more! His determination, his passion for Homoeopathy is unmovable. He is specializes in all types of cancer cases, seeing at least 25 cancer cases per day. Highlights of 2 days’ workshop were live cases followed by discussion, management of difficult cases like cancer, ITP, gall stones.



 A SEMINAR BY – Dr. Divya Chhabra

‘the other song organized a 2 days’ workshop by Dr. Divya Chhabra “ A LEAP TO THE SIMILIMUM” on 4th and 5th August, 2012.  A 2 days workshop focused on homoeopathic experience with Dr. Divya Chhabra, which took us beyond the boundaries of the logical mind, into the unconscious, where the state of the disease lies.


Clinic Events — Organized at the other song


A SEMINAR BY – Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

Little pills for little ones seminar was organized on 8th July, 2012 Sunday at Bhaidas hall, Vile- Parle (West), Mumbai from 9:00 am – 1: 00 pm. A Panel of Internationally reputed Homoeopaths, who are the panel of consultants at and one of the most senior and experienced pediatrician, Dr. R.K. Anand spoke at the seminar. The seminar focused on holistic approach in child health, homoeopathy – Building immunity, how homoeopathy takes care of all acute conditions.




had invited one of its esteemed colleagues and a reputed Homoeopath, Dr. Munjal Thakar, to conduct an interactive seminar, “ How I Battled Diabetes, on 6th August from 9: 00 am to 10:30 am, in the academy premises. Dr. Munjal shared his personal experience in the seminar, and his talk included lot of interaction with the attendees. He illustrated the co-relation of lifestyle and diet with Diabetes. The Highlight of this whole talk was Dr. Munjal’s personal experience as to how he battled the disease by himself, by basic alterations in his diet and lifestyle and the amazing results he got thereby which motivated him to share this with the masses.



SEMINAR BY – Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

has organized a ‘Homoeopathy Awareness Seminar’ in Gujarati, on 10th February, 2013, from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm, for our Gujarati patients and their families, so as to help familiarize them with Homoeopathy in their mother tongue. Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, who was the main speaker effortlessly, explained to the participants what role Homoeopathy plays in maintaining a ‘healthy life’. He explained how Homoeopathy works holistically at mind, body and spirit levels and how it brings about wonderful results, based on its scientific laws.



                                            WORKSHOP BY- Dr. Shradhdha Shah

had conducted Movement and Meditation workshops in the month of February, on the 3rd of February and 23rd and 24th February, in academy. These workshops were facilitated by Dr. Shradhdha Shah, a homoeopath and a healer, and conducted in collaboration with Inner Research. The workshops were directed at Identifying areas/ patterns that aggravate stress patterns in individuals and resolving them. The workshops were clinically directed meditative journeys to the roots of illness or problems that a person experienced that brought to the surface unconscious beliefs that were responsible for producing recurring stress. The response was overwhelming and the testimonies from the participants after the session were highly encouraging.



WORKSHOP BY- Dr. Shradhdha Shah

had organized ‘Inner Child’ facilitated by Dr. Shraddha Shah on 6th and 7th

April at Park View Hotel. The workshop focused on understanding the various aspects about us, understanding the child within us; recognizing the work – place stress and re – aligning the difficulties; strengthening our existing talent and its expression to name a few. The response was very good and the testimonials of the attendees were very encouraging. A participant said, “It gave me so many insights, felt as if have taken a rebirth.” Another response was, “It was very good, I have been able to let go of many things which I would not have been able to otherwise.”

Dr. Shraddha Shah conducts such workshops regularly in affiliation with the other song.



WORKSHOP BY – Dr. Jayesh Shah

Dr. Jayesh Shah, a renowned Homoeopath, a Senior Consultant and Faculty member at

‘the other song’, had conducted a third Parenting workshop on 26th, 27th and 28th April. The workshop helped understand the parent – child relationship and working towards strengthening it. A lot of emphasis is placed on effective communication between parent child and to help parents learn ways to forge a strong bond with their children. Dr. Jayesh Shah in his gentle way led the participants on this journey, with lot of meditation as well as interactive activities. The response was overwhelming and many participants commented on how this workshop helped them change their outlook towards life in general as well as in relationship with their children.


TEDMED LIVE the other song

in collaboration with TEDMED had organized TEDMED Live at the other song;

on 21st April, 2013 in the academy premises. Some of the creative and innovative minds from various fields and multidisciplinary communities shared their experiences and innovations on this common platform and helped trigger the consistent growth and advancement of the medical system. Dr. Madan Kataria (Guru of Giggling), Dr. Swaroop Rawal, Mr. Rajeev Kumar, Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Bushan Punani, Malav Sanghvi, Rahul Panicker, Prof. B. Ravi, Dr. Kanav Kahol and Dr. Manu Kothari were the esteemed speakers for the event. Besides there was also a relay of some of the TEDMED talks from Washington D.C., USA.


To watch these talks, kindly find the links provided below:

Seg 1:

Seg 2:

Seg 3:



WORKSHOP WITH – Erik Berglund

A unique healing workshop with Erik Berglund was organized by on 19th October, 2012. Erik is reputed to have an angelic presence that has created deep healing experiences for many all over the world. Erik combines healing with deep moving compositions on his specially designed harp. It was a beautiful evening of love, light and healing.




(Geriatric workshop)

On the occasion of world Geriatric Day ‘the other song – International Academy of Advance Homoeopathy’ organized a workshop on 19th November, 2011 for Senior citizens were they could   explore beyond their limitation of age and age related disorders. Different healing and Meditative sessions were conducted by Dr. Jayesh Shah, Consultant and world known teacher of homoeopathy.
This session was a life changing session for many senior citizens who had accepted that to live in their limitations by the end of the session participants realized that there are more than one possibility in their life and they were acknowledge as how much more life has with them to offer to them.



organized an event for its valued patients who experienced the benefits of homoeopathy on 22nd Sept, 2013 from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm at the other song academy. The purpose of the event was to our patients better and developing a sense of community, sharing of experiences by patients. This was followed by meditation session to heal mind, body and soul.


A session with autistic children

By Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

organized an event with Kalyandeep K. C. Nanavati Special School last year in the month of August which was facilitated by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan. The main objective of the event was to create the awareness about homoeopathy in autism or autistic related diseases.


2nd Anniversary Celebration

On 1st July 2013, completed two years, and what can be the best way to celebrate the other song organized an event to successfully celebrate 2nd anniversary on 15th August, 2013. It was an opportunity to come together and rejuvenate experiences of all the senior consultants, resident doctors and the entire administrative team.


Homoeopathy Awareness Seminar for Women on 10th March, 2013

organized an event on 10th March, 2011 on occasion of International Women’s day which is celebrated on 8th March every year . This event was facilitated famous Gynecologist Dr. Dhrupti Dedhia, Dr. Bhawisha Joshi. The event primarily focused on how homoeopathy effectively works in women complaints. This was followed by a short presentation on women complaints by Dean of the other song Dr. Meghna Shah.



The play workshop

Facilitated by Dr. Aditya Tiwari, M.D. (Hom) Psychiatry, Arts Based Therapist

Dr. Shruti Bhatt, B.H.M.S, Arts Based Therapist

and Tattva health foundation organized an event Playnasium the play workshop on 17th – 18th December, 2011.  It was a 2 day play-workshop to address the inner space within a child, in order to groom his or her emotional maturity and social ability which forms the base of his or her personal and professional success.

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Meghna Shah

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