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Answers by George Vithoulkas – July 2008

Answers by George Vithoulkas – July 2008

The answers that follow are not complete. It is not possible to write a whole thesis on each one as it requires everything that has been said before, but I will express the basic ideas.

On the other hand these short answers can inspire serious students to ask more questions such as whether, in a chronic case, the appearance of an acute condition that may arise after the remedy, is a good or a bad sign, or when should such condition be treated and when not, or when will a case need a series of remedies in a particular order and when will such a practice confuse the case to such an extent that the patient has no hope of recovery.

On another level the questions that may arise from intelligent students can continue the discussion to a deeper understanding of the problems that we are facing when we practice serious and not superficial homeopathy.

George Vithoulkas


Respected Prof,

I have a 4 yr old patient, he gets very frequent colds with thick runny nose (sticky Mucus) and congested cough. As per his mom he is a very moody Kid, he is also very angry, cannot bear if he is apprehended, also he is a kid of a single mom. Throughout her pregnancy she was very argumentative and angry because of the relationship with her husband; I really need to help this Kid. Otherwise he seems to be an insecure kid, he is very intelligent and understands everything, he tells his mom that he wants her to ask his dad to come see him, and asks why he doesn’t come and see him.

I will really be very grateful to you if you can suggest the course of action for this case.

Thank you Kindly

Deepti Tebeck

Dear Deepti,

Study Cistus-canadensis. See it also in my Materia Medica Viva, vol.9

George Vithoulkas


Dear Prof. Vithoulkas,

I am in my final year BSc Homeopathy and I was wondering how valuable do you view HFA (homeopathic facial analysis). Please tell me why you do or do not find it a valuable methodology and why? Do you ever use HFA and if yes, how and to what extent do you use it in your cases? Also, how does it fit in or differ from Classical homeopathic methodology?

Thank you,

Song Mei O’NEAL

Dear Song,

There are certain signs in the face that we may take into consideration in a prescription of a remedy, because there is a relevance between them and our Materia Medica (like the swelling under the eyes or on the eyelids, or cracks of the corners
of the mouth etc). But an analysis of the face will not give you the answer for the indicated remedy as there is no such  comparative study.

One should be careful not to listen to superficial ideas, that may be interesting but misleading, especially when they are the creation of imaginative minds and not based on real facts.

A lot of students have been misled to believe an imaginative type of materia medica which is interesting to read but has no relevance to homeopathy, and therefore will not give you the indication of the appropriate remedy.

Certain patients may tell you that they “feel better” with any remedy you may prescribe-this is the phenomenon of the placebo effect- and the conclusion of the naive homeopath is that his remedy has acted, and therefore the “imagination” remedy is real! In the next case, you may try to apply the same remedy but the patient is not the type that will be influence by autosuggestion and the remedy fails.

We may try to find the correct remedy from the… lines of the fingers that are unique for each one of us or from the iris of the eye or or etc etc. there are so many ideas but which of these have even a grain of truth that can be useful in finding the correct remedy??

Listen to the lecture about signatures:

(article: British media attack on homeopathy: Are they justified?)

George Vithoulkas


Dear Dr. Vithoulkas,

A geriatrician has recently confirmed my mother has Alzheimer’s. I have long suspected her health and cognitive abilities are declining but I wonder what help she may have from homeopathy. For 3 years, she has been amenable to taking remedies I have given her which focused mainly on supporting her through some significant and difficult life changes: major moves from house, to 3 bedroom apartment, to a 1 bedroom apartment and now to a junior 1 bedroom in a seniors residence.

Though she has never been able to remember let alone understand what homeopathy is, she has benefited from it in terms of keeping motivated and interested in her day to day challenges, and staving off major depression that affects so many seniors that live alone.

I’m optimistic that I will soon be able to lure her to a student clinic for more experienced treatment than my lay practitioner effort.
I hope that tissue salts will mitigate the effects of the medications she has been on for decades, will support her overall immunity,
will decrease the effects of osteoporosis, neuralgia and diabetes and perhaps sharpen her memory somewhat.

Can you direct me to information/remedies that have positively impacted the lives of Alzheimer’s patients? I hope especially to address her emotional reactivity and deep sense of frustration when she gets confused. Despite her challenges, perhaps she can
get to a level of more relaxed and confident coping.

I look forward to your reply.

With many thanks and best regards,

Krysta Siuda

Dear Krysta,

All remedies affecting the memory (see the repertory) are candidates for Alzheimer’s disease, but they can have an effect only in the beginning stages of this disease. Furthermore, if the case is progressed the remedy is not clear and therefore more difficult to spot it. If you give a close remedy and not the correct one, you will simply speed up the degenerative process.

You can read my book “ A New Model for Health and Disease”

George Vithoulkas


Hello GV,

There are those close to me who think that Homeopathy is total nonsense, especially after reading from debunking websites that
state there is absolutely no scientific proof. I use Homeopathy all the time and will continue to do so, as I have all the proof I need. What should I say to those who debunk?

Best regards, Lynette.

Dear Lynette,

Nobody knew how electricity was produced -today they suppose it to be movement of electrons?-yet when they originally turned on the switch …there was light! Imagine the world waiting to find out first how the electricity worked before they could benefit from the discovery!

The explanation of how the homeopathic remedy works will become apparent one day, only the skeptics will not be there to see it. Humans have seen the same scenarios many times over the centuries. There was Galileo’s controversy with the Catholic
Church and it took them a few centuries before they realised their mistake.

George Vithoulkas


Dear George,

I have used your VES program for years and had lots of success. We feel like we know you.

Could you help me with this health issue? I have Congestive Heart Failure, High Blood Pressure and I am 25 lbs overweight. I am 79 years old.

I have been very healthy. I feel well. The doctors have me on Lasix, Coreg Potassium pills and Coumidin. I heard one of your classes on the computer and you said that Arnica was good for thinning the blood. I have always done well on homeopathy and wonder what I could use to address these symptoms.

This is exciting that I can ask you directly.

Thanks, Betty

Dear Betty,

Your condition requires expert supervision at the spot, do not rely on advice from correspondence.

George Vithoulkas


I am Reshma from Kerala, India. I am a graduate in homeopathy just beginning my practice. I would like to know about selection of medicines in acute diseases. In India there are always plenty of fever, respiratory cases irrespective of any season. Sometimes it’s difficult to get an exact picture especially from children. Do you have a set of rules in acute cases? How can you help to solve this dilemma?

Thank you and best wishes,


Dear Reshma,

In my teachings, there are a lot of references to children diseases and also on treatment of acutes -when an acute needs to be treated or not and how to be treated- especially an acute appearing during chronic treatment, but this subject is huge
and cannot be discussed in this brief contact.

I am sure you may find information from my writings that can now be accessed through searching in

George Vithoulkas



My son is 3 years old and he is suffering from Nephrotic syndrome since last 31-march-2007 and at the first time of this problem of rising ALBUMIN in 24 hour urine Sample is 2700 Mg/Dl then at that time the doctor treated him with the Prednisolone (omnacortile) with 25 mg his body weight is 13.9 kg at that time and this Prednisolone was continued to 3 months after stopping the Prednisolone again the ALBUMIN in 24 hour urine Sample is 480 Mg/Dl after discontinuation of this omnacartile then I started the Homeopathic Medicine APIS-30 and Canp-30 two times a day of both medicines this will continued for 7 months due to this medicine the albumin in the urine sample of 24 hours collection was reduced and pathological report show the albumin nil or come in fine trace but sometimes it increased to 120 mg/dl or more but slowly it come to fine traces but due to viral infection again it rises to 1400 mg/dl in the month of December then I contacted to another Homeopathic doctor then he advised me
to give him the Tuberculinum 1000 and Nat- Mur-30 Tuberculinum in a weekly dose and Nat-mur- 30 in four doses in a day but due to rise in his ALBUMIN in 24 hours urine sample I had given him again the Prednisolone dose of 40 mg in a day in
two doses of 20 mg in the morning and 20 Mg at Evening with this medicine the albumin in urine sample is again absent for 3 consecutive days

Now I want your valuable suggestion. Shall I continue Tuberculinum-1000 and Nat Mur-30 or APIS which medicine I continued
now to reduce this problem please advise me what to do in this case sir.

I am waiting for your valuable advice.

Akhilesh Misra (Father of this child)

Dear Akhilesh Misra,

Always there is one remedy which is the really indicated the similimum. In your case, I cannot see the right one as there is not enough info rmation and too many remedies.

George Vithoulkas



I am a qualified homeopath, and practicing it since 1978. So far I found no case of chronic diabetes either cured or controlled with
homeopathy. So here my question is – can we, homeopaths either cure or control diabetes?

Dr.V N.Prasad

Dear V.N. Prasad,

If there is the beginning of the imbalance there is certainty that the disease can be arrested. In advanced cases and also in juvenile diabetes there is much uncertainty and difficulty in arresting the disease. You need an expert and even then the outcome is not sure.

George Vithoulkas


What is the difference in expression of the hurt ego of Natrum mur & Staphysagria? I have been trying for the answer for long.
Please help


Natrum -mur can be hurt easily and deeply and goes soon to depression, Staphysagria can swallow a lot of insults before it can develop depression. There are a lot of other differential points.

See my lectures on these remedies.

George Vithoulkas

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