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Thuja for Allergy and Bloating

Posted by: GS Tripathy

7yrs back I visited a seemingly popular homeopath in Delhi, for recurring cold and chronic asthma. He summed it up as allergy to onions, when I had none. He put me on a medicine which only temporarily addressed the cold. However, I had a new problem – indigestion, severe spasmatic bloating, post food breathlesness, etc. It turned out later that he was a quack using his father’s qualification and practicing in his shadow. I had forgotten about the relation of my bloating and indigestion to his medicine. Several visits to allopaths and homeopaths did not help. Past 2yrs I started reading about homeopathy, and only lately hit upon Thuja as the solution. Surely it was ever day and regular food causing the allergy which was so severe that I had to be hospitalized on a few occassions for asthma attacks without the obvious triggers.
Question: Thuja 200 works well,and has controlled the allergy. But then I am forced to have this regularly after every meal. Is it safe to take this every day? Is there a permanent cure? What is this medicine that the quack administered which introduced an allergen into my body? Allium Cepa, I understand, does not cause an allergy.

It is not safe to take Thuja 200 repeatedly. You must STOP and see an EXPERIENCED homeopath. Contact the homeopathy organization in your country for a referral. You can find that information here: https://hpathy.com/homeopathy-organizations/

A. Schmukler