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A case of menorrhagia

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pt is 13 yrs old suffering from menorrhagia tried erigeron, millefolium and other bleeding remedies but not fruitfu advise for good remedy pl suffering since matuity of 5 months.

You have asked me to suggest you a GOOD remedy. And how do I suggest you a good remedy without any proper case details in my hand? I am not surprised that the hemorrhagic remedies did not work here ..they were not supposed to. Profuse menses at puberty is not a hemorrhagic disorder, it is more of a constitutional problem. The ideal way would be to consult a homeopath and take proper homeopathy treatment with full case history and case analysis. There are too many homeopathy medicines which can help your patient. Kali brom (the whole kali grp), calc-p (and calc grp), ferr-p, cina, puls, phos, colo, lach, cina are just the probable few.

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Dr. B