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A dream computer system

A dream computer system

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Respected Dr.Bhatia,
This is not a serious query. Since you are in the software field also I want to share my dreams with you. Kindly read on and advise whether my dreams can come true.
It would be wonderful if a computer could be manufactured with the following attributes:
1.A paper-thin sheet (like a polythene sheet) foldable several fold to fit into a shirt pocket.This, when unfolded should spread into a 2ft by 2ft wrinkle free surface containing the Monitor, key board and the CPU- all embedded into it
2. It should hold coin size Hard disks (WITH NO MOVABLE PARTS INSIDE) capable of containing several GB of information with additional space to hold similar disks(in lieu of CD RoMs)
Should show at least two dozen rubrics in full length and like number of remedies in hierarchy in the repertorial chart in one go without the need for scrolling the screen frequently.
4. should be operable with button cells/solar energy/light- energy of ordinary bulb or tubelights of 40 watts
intensity so that it can be used in rural areas also where the voltage is quite low.
5. Mouse to be replaced by small pointed device for feeding information and as a substitute in clicking.
6.Printer and net connectivity options can come later.
Such a device is sure to become a Homeopaths delight ,especially during emergency visits.
It should be possible to manufacture a Homeopathic Medicine chest comprising of Ballpen refill size tubes with a nozzle like structure in the front and a piston like apparatus in the rear end , capable of holding about Twenty No.10 size globules of several polychrest remedies in at least 30, 200 and 1M potencies with the facility of dispensing only one globule per ejection.
This way a physian can carry a large number of valuable polychrests in a small container during his visits.The med.chest will be quite light to carry in view of the small quantity of globules contained in each tube.
Even a single globule in water can do wonders.
the individual tubes should either be refillable or of use-and throw fashion.
As I have told these are only dreams. But given an idea brilliant minds can make dreams a reality.
With love and regards,

Hi there,

The paper thin fordable keyboard has already been made. Ultra thin monitors are a reality too and may well become fordable in a couple of years. Mouse has already been done away with as you can use finger sensors on a sheet as a mouse. Ultra-thin wafer cups are a reality too and are being used to make smart clothes. But such wafer processors are still not powerful enough to take the work of a pc. The small hard-disks are a reality too. The new glass cds (experimental) can already store data running in terabytes! As of now, these devices eat lot of energy, so conventional batteries will not be able to support it. But newer fuel type are coming out daily and something to match such requirements may well be available in a few years. Even pocket printers are available in the market. Once the hardware is there you can design homeopathy software for that. That is probably the easiest part of all.

Reagrding your other query. It should be dead easy to make such an apparatus. Any mechanical engenieer (even student) should be able to do that for you. All you need is a plastic tube, a pusher at the back(like ball pen) and a valve in front (to control globule ejection). But even half drachm plastic vials can serve the same purpose as far as the weight, space and ease of carrying is concerned. Anyway, what you want to do is very easy to implement.

Best wishes,
Dr. B

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