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Action of biochemic remedies in 200x potency

Action of biochemic remedies in 200x potency

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dear docb,

sorry for repeating the question today. i was not able to find your answer to my query so i posted it once again. i am not very familiar with the computer. it is so nice of you to spend so much of your precious time answering queries from different people. you are rendering great service to homoeopathy. you are helping people to live a healthy life through homeopathy.
i still cannot accept the biochemic theory because where is the question of supplying of any salts for the body, in potencies such as 200x and above.
thomas j d’souza

This time you have got it all mixed up. The biochemic medicines are given in very low potencies usually 1x to 12x. So there is definitely some physical quantity of the original salt in biochemic preparations. But not enough to cover any tissue deficiencies. At best they can stimulate the metabolism of some particular element, which, a rightly prescribed homeopathic medicine can do too. Beyond that the same medicines are used as homeopathic!!!


Dr. B

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