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Homeopathic remedies for anal fistula

Homeopathic remedies for anal fistula

Posted by: Santosh kr.Roy

I am suffering from anal fistula from 2 month. I had taken Myristica 30, so one external opening created through which pus and blood drains. Now I take Thuja 200. and Silicea 200 in two days but it do not help. These days dark red blood come very frequently in morning.Requesting you to suggest me doses of these medicine if both can help to cure my anal fistula.
I will be thankful to you.
Santosh kr. Roy

Dear Santosh,

Did a homoeopathic physician prescribe these for you? Self-medication is not advisable and unknowingly, you could make your problem worse. Thuja and Silicea are not the only remedies that may be useful for fistula. Depending on your case, the right remedy needs to be chosen. Please consult a homoeopathic physician in person for proper treatment and permanent resolution of the problem.

Good luck,
Dr. Firuzi Mehta

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Firuzi Mehta

Firuzi Mehta

Dr. Firuzi Mehta qualified in homeopathic medicine in 1997 and then completed her HMD from the British Institute of Homoeopathy, London. In 1998, she also attended an Introductory Course in Anthroposophic Medicine and Iscador Therapy for Cancer at the Lukas Klinik in Arlesheim, Switzerland now known as Klinik Arleshim. After working for over 5 years with an eminent homeopath in Mumbai, to gain work-experience, she started her own practice in 2001. She reviews homeopathic books as and when the opportunity arises and firmly believes that one's knowledge is always incomplete and needs to grow. She is currently enrolled with—and studying for—the 2 year E-Learning Programme offered by Prof. George Vithoulkas' International Academy of Classical Homeopathy.


  • my brother diagnosed carcinoma of pancreas with obstructed jaundice advance stage. is is curable by hpathy. if so, could you suggest hpathy remedies? He has no other allopathic remedies except palliative. Regards.

  • I have suffered with a fistula for about a year. I had two surgeries to drain the abcess and within a week of each one, the abcess and pain returned. I have tried many medications and antibiotics with minimal results. I was doing research about poultices and decided I wanted something simple and inexpensive. I chose to use a steeped tea bag (black or green) with most of the liquid removed. I positioned the tea bag on the abcess and held it in place and sat on it. Within an hour, the abcess had drained substantially, the pain had disappeared and I had relief from the problem. If you do this once or twice a day, it is far superior to taking a sitz bath. Currently, I am using a feminine hygiene pad on which I place the tea bag. I then paper clip the tea bag to the pad, position it in my underwear and it is held in place securely. I am going to jog around the block which I have been unable to do for a year!

  • Asslama Alikum dr
    i have suffring from fistula in 7 year .i have take many treatment of medicine but not recovered properly .it come back again .when it start again there part of rectum fell v hitching and show abscesse upper of anus (on rectum) and discharge pus and some time blood.there it .not pain then stool pass .just fell pain on the left side.when lay down and sit up and down .please help me .give me recommended medican name . i shall recovered properly . i shall be v thankful to you

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