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Are following medicines harmful for my complaints?

Are following medicines harmful for my complaints?

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Hi, I would like to know if any of the ingedients at the end of this question will be harmful or interact with any of my conditions adversly. I am a 39 year old female with a hormone imbalance, a mytro valve prolapse (minor) hypoglycemia, and epilepsy for which I take 100 mg of phenobarbitol per day. I would appreciate any info and advice you can give me. Thank you, CeLeste Shaver email: [email protected]
Phytolacca decandra 3x, Coffea crud 4x, Ignatia amara 4x, Alfalfa 4x, Anacardium orientalis 4x, Phosphoricum acidum 6x, Cinchona off 6x, Juniperus communis 6x, Iodium 8x, Calcarea carb 8x, Graphites 10x, Aurum metallicum 12x, Sulphur 30x

Are u telling me that u r using all of these medicines?? These medicines look like the content of some combination medicine. Probably more than one combination medicine for your different conditions.

To begin with if u have not consulted a homeopath before taking any of these medicines, then please do not take these medicines. And if some homeopath has suggested u these medicines, then u better change your homeopath. He is no homeopath.

A medicine does not become homeopathic merely by its name. there are set principles for the application of these medicines and combination medicines out rightly overrule those principles. Combination medicines usually contain medicines in very low potencies, which can create problems for a person if taken for long duration. Of the medicines you have listed any one of them can prove very harmful. And at the same time if any one of these medicines is the matching remedy for you, if taken in the right potency, can help you with all your problems.

If you are thinking of taking homeopathic treatment, then first of all stop thinking of your different ailments as unrelated entities. It is ‘U’ who have hormone imbalance, it is ‘U’ who have diabetes, it is ‘U’ have hypoglycemia, and it is ‘U’ who have epilepsy. Yes! in homeopathy we try to treat the person who is ill, not merely the manifestations of your illness upon different organs. They are all related. If you take proper homeopathic treatment, u may soon find yourself improving so much that u may well feel like a different person.

I would again say that I would personally never suggest anyone taking so many medicines in so low potencies. They are all very deep acting medicines with very wide range of action. If selected rightly, even one of them could be enough.

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