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Biochemic medicines in 200x will work according to biochemic line or homeopathic line?

A useful article about Biochemic medicines in 200x will work according to biochemic line or homeopathic line?.Full details about Biochemic medicines in 200x will work according to biochemic line or homeopathic line?

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Dear DrB,
Dear DrB,

Thank you for your enlightening reply.

In this connection, would you also please tell us whether we are to consider any of the twelve tissue salts in their 200X potency (triturated tablets, not succussed dilutions) biochemic or homeopathic.

As you rightly point out, there is absolutely no original quantitative substance in these potencies. But they are triturated, not succussed. So do they work along biochemic lines or along homeo lines?

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Dear Jumma,

Biochemic medicines are supposed to contain triturated physical quantity of the salt. The physical limit for that is 24x. But practically, there is hardly any detectable material after 12x. So usually biochemic medicines are prescribed in low potencies. If the salts used in biochemic medicines are prescribed in 200X, they can not be called biochemic. Simply because a medicine is triturated does not make it biochemic. The methods of trituration and succussion are both homeopathic. There are thousands of homeopathy medicines which are prepared through trituraion.

And you must understand that the tissue salts are not a complete system of medicine. At best they can be called a sub-group of Homeopathy. If you read Sucheller’s work, you will find the medicines have been proved as in Homeopathy. Most of the symptoms given in Sucheller’s work and homeopathic materia medica’s are same. The drugs are potentised in both case. The criteria of selection is slightly different though. In homeopathy symptom similarity is the only way, where as in biochemic system medicines are also prescribed according to the proposed tissue deficiency.

I hope this is of help,

Dr. B

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  • I am confused regarding the status of nat s in homeopathy. While some books do not give it much importance, several Internet case studies mention it,s usefulness. Some authors sY that it combines milder constitutional features of ants and sulphur. Would welcome insights, comments or resources or reading more. Thx., punit

  • Dear Dr.B,

    I doubt about that biochemic remedies act as supplement and physically compensate tissue salt defficiencies. In view of potentized dynamic effects should work on hormesis principle(high dose inhibation and low dose stimulation of physiological activities), both biochemic and homeopathic remedies are potentized remedies. By compensating tissue defficiencies may also mean compensating tissue defficiencies by low dose stimulation effect. I mean tissues which are facing high dose inhibition and so getting tissue salts apparent (not actual) defficiencies due to high dose inhibation are activated by potentised low dose stimulations. Main difference in biochemic and homeopathic preparations should be, homogenisity vs hetrogenisity and single chemical vs multiple chemicals(combined remedy). I am bit unclear about how hetrogenous and multiple chemical based can work on hormesis principle unless same compound is inhibiting our physiological activities? Can you highlight it?

    Best wishes.

  • ……moreover I also doubt that biochemic system is an incomplete system in terms of dynamic effects in comparisn to homeopathy. If we look closely we can note that constituents in biochemic remedies(incl. lactose) matches with about 95% atomic composition of human body and if 95% is taken care then balance 5% should be able to be t gotreated by increased strength of body on 95% cure. Not so? Best regards.


  • Regards
    Please tell me biochemic as medicine, as 200x 1000x dose should be repeated after how much interval.

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