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Can excess insulin may lead to insulin resistance?

Can excess insulin may lead to insulin resistance?

Posted by: Vijay

Hello Dr.Bhatia,

In one awnser you said “Type II diabetes can be cured in large number of cases and can be managed without hypoglycemic drugs in most of the cases that do not show curative response”

Can it be full cure from diabetes Type II alike a non-diabetic person OR can be just managed without hypoglycemic drugs? I am bit doubtful that excess insulin(induced or injected) may lead to insulin resistance & hyperinsulinemia effects. Is it ok?

Best regards.

Hi Vijay,

Depending upon the case, it’s duration, severity, etiological factors etc – non-insulin diabetes may be cured in many cases (not all). In others it can usually be managed without hypoglycemic drugs. The patient may though need to keep some life-style measures as is even after the bl-sugar comes normal.The second part of your question seems unrelated but yes, long term use of insulin does lean to insulin-resistance.

Best wishes,

Dr. B

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