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can hemophilia be cured by homeopathic treatment

can hemophilia be cured by homeopathic treatment

Posted by: rajaram bapu gurav

can hemophilia cure by homeopathic treatment

It’s difficult to say whether the hemophilia can be cured by homeopathy, because there could be varying degrees of bleeding tendencies in different people with a diagnosis of hemophilia. But in any case it’s possible that the symptoms of hemophilia could at least be helped by homeopathy, as there are many remedies known for helping with bleeding tendencies–for example, phosphorus, ipecac, snake remedies, etc. A full history is required to find the best match for you.

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  • Hello Dr.Johnson & RajaRam Bapu Gaurav,

    I am 26 yr old Male from India and I am suffering from a Bleeding Disorder called Hemophilia A Factor – VIII deficiency with Inhibitors and levels <1% of the normal (Severe).

    My Height is 5 ft 10 inches ( 178 cms ) and weight is 75 kgs. Currently my left Shoulder and Left Leg and they are weaker as compare to my right leg and right shoulder. I would like to share the information about a treatment which I have come across in Dec'10 and the therapy is Homoeopathy.

    Last year I came across this treatment via checking out any alternative therapies for the cure of Hemophilia on the Internet.
    The Website name is :

    Then I called up Dr. Kundu and discussed my case as at that point of time I had a recurrent bleed in my left knee for the past 4 months. I emailed my all the Diagnosis Reports, Live Images and X-rays and after thoroughly checking up my reports, Dr. Kundu advised me few medicines to be taken for few days. As a result I observed reduction in my bleed just after 2 days of medicine and I reported it to Dr. Kundu and since then I am getting Dr. Kundu 's Homeopathy Treatment. In fact I visited Dr. Kundu in February'11 & March'11 to participate in the Hemophilia Camp conducted by Dr. Kundu as a charitable gesture for Hemophilia patients. Few Information which I want to share about Dr. Kundu :


    by Dr. TAPAS K. KUNDU from
    NASIK ( Maharashtra, India ). The information as follows :

    Dr.Tapas Kumar Kundu
    B.H.M.S ( Cal ), PGDPC, MS (Ibms)
    Consulting Homoeopath and psychological counsellor
    Professor of Medicine and Pathology
    Motiwala Homoeopathic.medical college and Hospital ,Nashik(India)
    Ex senator Maharashtra University of Health Science, Nashik.India
    Dr. Kundu mob : +91-9373908112

    2. Running a Charitable Clinic in NASIK for HEMOPHILIA patients since 21st Dec'07.

    3. Total No. of Hemophilia Patients registered at his clinic = 145

    4. Dr. Kundu 's network slowly but steadily benefiting Hemophilia patients from Homeopathy in Indian Cities like SURAT , RAJKOT , AHMEDABAD and MUMBAI.

    5. Government Of India Deptt. of AYUSH promotes RESEARCH of Alternate Medicine.

    6. Website address of Dr. Kundu shows Live examples of Hemophilia patients during bleed and after homeopathy treatment via images posted website :

    7. Hemophilia Society Nashik (India) Chapter and Dr. Kundu 's Homeopathy provides help in terms of treatment in NASHIK (India) area and work as a team.

    Do visit the website mentioned above for more understanding of the treatment.

    I wanted to share this therapy with the Hemophilia Society as well as other related Hemophilia & Homoeopathy organisations to aware our Hemophilia community that
    there is a treatment and research which is being carried out by Dr. Kundu in Homeopathy which needs to be taken into consideration as if i found some improvement in my reduction in bleeding episodes so can others.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Delhi (INDIA)

    {Hemophilia Society Patient from Delhi(India) Chapter}
    Taking Homeopathy Treatment from Dr. Kundu since Dec' 2010
    and I myself feeling decrease in bleeding episodes.
    My Story covered in 2009 on World Hemophilia Day by Mr. Satyarth P. Nayak on Managing Hemophilia with Inhibitors and Hardships.


  • Hello sir,my 21 month son is suffering from sever hemophelia A (factor VIII less than 1 %) ,can i provide him homeopathy treatment ?

  • Hello sir,my 11 month son is suffering from sever hemophelia A (factor VIII less than 1 %) ,can i provide him homeopathy treatment ?

  • I am भारत से 36 वर्ष पुराने नर और मैं एक खून बह रहा विकार Inhibitors और स्तर <सामान्य (गंभीर) के 2% के साथ हीमोफिलिया ए फैक्टर आठवीं की कमी से पीड़ित कहा जाता रहा हूँ।

    मेरा कद 5 फीट 10 इंच (178 सेमी) है और वजन 75 किलोग्राम है। वर्तमान में मेरे बाएं कंधे और बाएं पैर fix हैं। और वे कमजोर के रूप में अपना दाहिना पैर और दाएँ कंधे के लिए तुलना कर रहे हैं।