Can homeopathy be useful in a surgical case of blocked tear ducts?

Last modified on January 30th, 2013

Can homeopathy be useful in a surgical case of blocked tear ducts?

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My friends daughter (almost 2 years old) has blocked tear ducts because of which she has tears in the eyes most of the time. Initially, the pediatrician told them that most of the kids outgrow the problem by about 18 months age. Since it did not happen, they were referred to a Pediatric Opthalmogist who is advising them to get a surgical procedure done to clear the blocks. As per him, it will take only a few minutes to perform the surgery, but may take several weeks to heal. What is your take on this ? If homeopathy can help, what is the reasonable period to expect the results ?


Homeopathy can help you to avoid surgery in this case. It often does in similar cases. The period in which a cure may result is variable. I can not predict without seeing the case. It also depends on the medicine and potency used. With the right medicine, the condition should resolve in a few weeks. You can extend that period to upto 3-4 months. If there is no change in that period, then either you need to change your homeopath or you need to go in for surgery. But again I would say, surgery is avoidable here.


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