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Can Psorinum increase the height?

Can Psorinum increase the height?

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Dear Sir,

I was told that Psorinum 1 mg can be used to increase the height of a person. I would like to know if that would help & if any thing else is required to add to this to increase the height of a person. What is the duration to be used on how many to use (dosage instructions).

Whoever told you that can not be a homeopath! Firstly homeopathic medicines donot come in mg. The potency must be 1M. And it is not a medicine for increasing height. It is a very deep acting medicine and should not be taken unless and until it is indicated for your case as a whole. You can face problems otherwise.

Another thing I would like to tell you is that in Homeopathy there are no specific medicines for increasing height. If the height does not increases due to any medical problem then Homeopathy can remove the block due to any medical or constitutional problem. Once that is done the height may increase naturally. Also height does not increase after a certain age. The average maximum age for males is 25 and for females is 22 for increase in height. Beyond that there are hardly any chances. Swimming, aerobics, and a healthy diet can help one to gain some height during the growing years.

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Dr. B

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