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Can we use Minimum dose of mother tincture?

Posted by: haroon khan

Why we are not using minimum dose of mother tinctures in homeopathy? Normally we use 10…25 drops.IS there any side effect to use small amount of Q potency for example 1….2 drops/dose.

Dear Haroon,

Mother tinctures can be used in the least possible quantity IF the medicine is similar to the patient. If the medicine is similar the patient will have increased sensitivity for it and will respond to the least dose. Our books are filled with cures that the old masters performed with mother tinctures. Read Burt, Boericke, Clarke and you will find many such examples.

Now a days, mother tinctures are primarily used for their physiological properties and not as true similimum. A much larger dose is required to elicit the physiological properties and hence the current trend of giving n number of drops, n number of times each day. But if your medicine is similar, you don’t need that.

A medicine, if has any effect, has the potential to have side-effects too. If a person is sensitive enough, he can show medicinal or homeopathic aggravation with even one drop of a mother tincture.

Best wishes,

Dr. B

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