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Career in homeopathy

Career in homeopathy

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I am a student of standard 12 and I was interested in pursuing a career as a homeopath I would like to know what is the lifestyle that one has as a homeopath. How is the work load and what is the scope for homeopathy in India. Also suggest me a good institute that will give me the degree i require to practice as a homeopath. Thank you.

Hi Shine,

Finally a question not related to a disease! As far as the life style of a homeopath is concerned, it depends upon what kind of a homeopath you are? What are your preference? Basically, if you just want to be a clinician, then after graduating from a homeopathic college(ie doing BHMS), you can start your own clinic. How many patients you see everyday will again depend upon how you practice homeopathy. There are homeopaths who see up to 300 patients a day and then there are homeopaths who see just 3 patients a day. There are many prevalent ways to practice Homeopathy and how many people you want to see will depend upon the school of thought u join among homeopaths.

Another option is to work as a goverment doctor. In India the legal status and pay structures of homeopaths is same as that of allopaths. And in general also Homeopathy is very popular here in comparison to many other countries. So that should be reassuring to any prospective student of Homeopathy.

Then you can also work as a lecturer in any of the homeopathic colleges in India(there are more than 160!!). You can also join any of these colleges to do MD. If you want to know about the monetary side, it ultimately comes down to your own strength as a homeopath. The more faith you have, the more knowledge you hae, the more commitment you have, the higher is the income. It can range from a few thousand to few lakhs every month.

To suggest an institute, i checked your profile and found out that you belong to Bombay. Maharashtra has many good homeopathic colleges. You can chose anyone near your place. But of special interest would be the one in which Dr. Rajan Sankran and many other stalwarts of the Bombay school of thought teach. I do not remember the name of that college but it shouldn’t be difficult to find out.

Hoping to see you among the brethen some day and wishing you luck for your future,

Dr. B

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  • Respected Sir,

    I want to know the Government authorised Universities in Northern India for doing my Masters of Diseases in Homeopathy. I am searching but not getting the suitable information. Please can you help me i will be very thank full to you.

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