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Cervical cancer

Posted by: Nessa fernandez

i was just told by my doc that i have cervical cancer my bro refferd me to talk to a homeopathy doc.after my mother asked him to send her rattle sanke to help cure me so i ask what would you suggest….I doont believe in chemo/radiation I believe that that will just help me die sooner…Nessa/USA

Dear Nessa,

In homeopathy, a remedy is selected to match the totality of the symptom picture of the patient. As such, there are over 3000 potential remedies… the choice should be made by a good homeopathic practitioner after a detailed case history and depending on characteristic symptoms. A remedy cannot be chosen only on the basis of the medical diagnosis, in your case, cervical cancer.

Well selected homeopathic remedies can potentially cure a cancer, specially in the early stages. In the later stages they can offer good palliation and provide the patient with a decent quality of life, whatever the time span may be. Find a good practitioner in your area. You can ask around for people to refer a good homeopath. This link might be able to help.

This is the link for the Practitioner Database from The National Center For Homeopathy:

Good luck!

Dr. Firuzi Mehta

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