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Chromosome anomaly

Chromosome anomaly

Posted by: Mary

for I have been married for 4 years.Now I am 26, and my husband is 29 years old. We have been trying for a baby for 2 years.Unfortunately, I had 4 missed abortion during this time. So the Doctor suggested to perform Karyotyping to both of us. My karyotyping result indicates that I am the carrier of reciprocal translocation. This result shows that translocation involving the p arm of chromosome 6 and and q arm of chromosome 18.means 46,XX,t(6;18)(p21.1;q23.0)… My Husband’s karyotype is 46,XY normal. His recent sperm count result is normal.I have some questions to ask u .Is there any medicine for chromosome anomally In Homeopathy?
2.Is there any chance for me to deliver a normal healthy baby? 2. If yes, what precautions that I have to take before being pregnant? 3.Will follic acid intake before being pregnant, prevent chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus during pregnancy? I am really confused and also very tensed.. Genetic counselling had been offered for us by a geneticist… In their opinion,Probability of getting normal healthy baby is 50%…In general, when a parent has a translocation, this can have an increased risk for miscarriage. Also said, many couples are also able to have healthy children……. So we r keep on praying…

There is no homeopathic remedy that can change the chromosome anomaly. Folic acid is useful in preventing neural tube defects. There are millions of orphaned children waiting for a home. That may be another solution.


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  • Dear Mary, I suggest that you try the MNRI method,
    Please check

    I have seen a child with Down syndrome getting better in a few months
    He is 14 years old
    His IQ got better, immunity too
    And most amazing, his facial features are losing the Asian look!
    Keep your faith, May Allah respond to your prayers

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