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Homeopathic treatment for conductive hearing loss

Homeopathic treatment for conductive hearing loss

Posted by: shamima

dear dr, iam in early 50’s diagnosed with conductive hearing loss which is progressing in left ear now .I would like to know is it treatable in homeopathy? ENT dr diagnosed scar tissue closing the ear drum and can be removed by surgery but iam afraid what if i develop tinnitusor vertigo after surgey


Homeopathy usually works well with scar tissues, vertigo and hearing loss. For chronic issues, or after surgeries, it is best to have a one-to-one consultation to ensure a proper case analysis, prescription and case management. A professional homeopath should be contacted as homeopathy should help for your condition. Please be so kind to contact a homeopath in your area. For information, here is a list of recognised organisations:

Thierry Clerc
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Thierry Clerc

Thierry Clerc LCPH, MSc practices homeopathy in Cambridge (England). He is a graduate of the College of Practical Homeopathy (London). Prior to this, he enjoyed a successful career as an executive in the telecommunications industry. When fate hit him with a severe bout of arthritis, he went back to France to see his old homeopath, and after prompt cure, decided to study and become one!

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  • sir ,my age is 24 , I can hear tha voice but I’m not understanding ..I’m about to enable to understand the voice on phone…please tell me what is the problem with me n what I can do…what is treatment of this problem..please