Severe case of piles, getting worse after first homeopathic treatment

Severe case of piles, getting worse after first homeopathic treatment

Posted by: P.V. Rajasekhar Raju

Dear Sirs,
I have got piles on 1991 then I was immediately consulted homeopathic Dr. and was treated successfully.
I have got the same problem very next year, once again I have consulted another Dr. as I moved from earlier place. He gave me the medicine that made my problem more severe as the pile was swelled 10 times bigger than what I am suffering from. I have completed the course the pain was re leaved but not the swelling.
I have contacted English Dr. so many times. They advice me to go for operation for permanent cure.
I do not want to go for that choice.
Recently I have started homeopathy treatment for piles once again but in vain.
Recently I have undergone Colonoscopy scanning. The report is as below.
Indication: Bleeding per rectum
External Examination: Normal
PR Examination: Painful. Blood to the plaating finger.
Colonoscope passed up to Ceacum
NOrmal mucosa thro out
Grade II Haemorrhoids
Impression: Normal Colonic Mucosa.
Grade II Haemorrhoids
Please advise me the medicine.
And tell me whether it is curable by Homeopathy.


A useful link about your condition:

Hemorrhoids Treatment with Homeopathy Remedies

Piles usually respond very well to homeopathic treatment, so it is definitely worth trying. For chronic issues, and if things got worse, it is best to have a one-to-one consultation with your practitioner to try and understand what has happened. Maybe, there is an obstacle to clear.


Thierry Clerc
Homeopath & Nutrition Consultant in Cambridge

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Thierry Clerc

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  • Am so grateful to Dr .malakasimu for bringing back the happiness which i lack for years,Please contact Dr.malakasimu for help he is a trustworthy man [email protected]
    for 3 yrs suffering and in extreem pain, when go to the tiolet it hurts and come fresh red blood n after pooping hve to push it back inside and it hurts for the whole day, when i sit its even worse.

  • Though I am a Homoeopath, but As per my knowledge of Ayurveda gathered over the years, I have come to know that piles and particularly bleeding piles represent excess of fire element or pitta dosha in Ayurveda. the diets rich in spicy,sour and salt or excess of proteins in diet increase the heat and thereby aggravate pitta dosha or the piles. Many a times the aggravation during homoeopathic treatment could be due to dietitic errors that means the patient might have been unknowingly taking excess of either of these foods that are bound to aggravate the piles. A simple diet precaution alongwith proper remedy does more good that is needed

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