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Direct observation of mental rubrics

Direct observation of mental rubrics

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Respected Dr.Bhatia,
Thank you for your wonderful replies.Since no numbers are assigned to questions I cannot refer to the particular question. Of course such a facility may not seem necessary since this is not a discussion forum. But I will be happy if such a facility is made available so that I can at least communicate my appreciation for the particular reply.
In the case of large rubrics I was referring to VERY LARGE rubrics which contain almost all polychrests in them in one degree or other so that they appear to be worthless in individualising a case.
Anyway I will not go further in this issue as this is not a discussion forum.

You know that there are homeopaths who select mental rubrics in the ordinary conversation while taking the case (Dr.Sehgal). I think You are not refering to that while refering to mental disposition in your reply. You may reply if you do not mind doing so as I do not intend to drag the issue in this forum.
Thank you once again for the wonderful replies.

As I have already said that the very large rubrics are a necessity in hierarchy of repertories. They may not always be of help in reprtorisation or individualization but they have their own use, some of which I have mentioned in my last reply. A symptom become useful by its peculiarity or strength. Even large number of small rubrics can prove useless in individualization, if they are too small, have too few medicines, or the medicines covered do not match the intensity of the symptom. Every symptom can not have the same level of importance but still every symptom has its role to play. We say even common symptoms are of no use in individualisation. Yet the understanding of these common symptoms helps us to filter the uncommon ones. They sometimes even help in thearpeutic prescriptions. The basic point is, the importance of every piece of information is always relative. The symptom or remedy you may never use, may help some other homeopath to save hundred lives. The relativity here is important. Same goes for larger rubrics. If you use BBR, you can not work without all those Large Rubrics. And even that approach gives wonderful results.

I do understand Dr. Sehgals approach. When I said traits, I was pointing to the very same thing. The mental makeup of the patient can be used to find a medicine. The information can be converted to rubrics BUT such rubrics do not mean that there are symptoms reflecting disease. Such rubrics merely reflect the individuality of the patient.
I will keep your suggestions about this forum in mind.

Best Wishes,
Dr. B

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