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Effect of homeopathic medicines in case of accumulation of toxins

Effect of homeopathic medicines in case of accumulation of toxins

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It appears some bio-chemicals as well as some toxic substanses are got accumulated in the system on their continious, long, and excess exposure to the cells and resultantly these cells creates a resistance or unwillingness towords these substances to protect themselves from their excess or toxic effects.
Since, homeopathic remedies in dynamic potencies usually stimulate the body cells to metabolise the accumulated substances similar or related to any particular remedy and aggravation takes place in initial doses due to excess presence of substances in the system till it got fully metabolised and which can be well tolerated by the body in case of body bio-chemicals or tissue salts. But in case of accumulated toxins, is it possible that our system may be effected severly and adversely(even fatal)due to breakage of acquired resistance of body and on instant and sudden exposure of cells towards these toxins on application of any remedy in dynamic dose related to these toxins.
Pls do reply in detail.
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Dear Vijay,

You have said that homeopathy medicines in dynamic doses stimulate the body cells to METABOLISE the accumulated substance. Now metabolism does not only mean ASSIMILATION only. ELIMINATION is also a part of metabolism. When there is excess of any toxic substance in body tissues, the indicated medicine helps in its elimination through sweat, saliva, urine or feacal route. It has been scientifically shown in cases of arsenic and lead poisoning that potentised Ars and Plumbum are able to increase the rate of elimination of these toxins beyond the known natural physiological limit.

The dynamic medicines work to restore the harmony. If there is deficient metabolism, it will correct or improve the metabolism (assimilation). If there is toxic accumulation, it will increase the elimination to restore the balance.

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