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Effect of pylocarpin on eyes?

Effect of pylocarpin on eyes?

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i want 2 know abt the medicine PYLOCARPIN & basically its effect on eyes.

Hello Ritu,

The spelling is ‘Pilocarpin’ and u can read the medicine in detail in Boericke’s materia medica as ‘Pilocarpus microphyllus’. It’s not possible for me to write down all the details here but for eye symptoms the medicine is indicated when complanits arise or aggravate from eye-strain. There is burning pain, heaviness in globes, and occasionally vomiting after eye-strain. The distant vision is affected, i.e.; the person is near-sighted. The pupil is contracted and there may be other spasmodic affections like twitching of eyelids etc. It is also of use in retinal detachment when one sees flashes of light. Ruta and physostigma are the drugs to differentiate from.

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