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Experience with biochemic medicines

Experience with biochemic medicines

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Can you please tell me about your experience with Biochemic 12 tissue Salts and their 28 combinations? If these are found to be effective with least side effects.

Dear Vijay,

I personally do not use biochemic combination (or any combinations for that matter). To me combination of a potentised substance is a combination, whether you call it homeopathic or biochemic. I use biochemic medicines as per symptom similarity…and more often than not I end up giving succussed potencies of the same medicines. Yes I have found biochemic triturations effective, when indicated. And they are only as safe as any other potentised substance is. Anything unindicated and excess of anything can have bad effects. Same holds for biochemic medicines too. They need to be used judiciously.

Best wishes,
Dr. B

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  • Hi,

    I am using the BC 6 from past 15 Years. I have genetic problem in my family that our male (guys) suffer from the cold throughout life and are very prone to cold. In my childhood, I consulted so many physicians(MD) to resolve this problem. But no budy was able to. Sometimes the alopathic medicines used to block the nose with yellow green mucus and it used to take 5+ days to get rid of it. Moreover the cold used to come back within 7 or 15 or 60 days. Sometime the blood used to come with mucus.

    Then my friends sister ( who was a homeopathic doctor ) suggested the BC6. In the first use itself I found it very useful. The cold went away in 3 days With no yellow green mucus and no blocked nose. There was little transparent mucus though but in little amount. I continued the medicine for 6 months. After that I am very less prone to cold and have to take BC6 only on need basis.

    Hence I always keep BC 6 @ home and take it as precaution whenever if feel the symptoms are starting. It has helped me for all those years.

    I am going to try other combinations also.


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