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Follow before and after in homeopathic medicines.

Posted by: N.V.Saravanan

What should follow before and after we take homeopathy medicines? I heard from Homeopath that we shouldn’t have fish items if we follow homeopathy medicines. Is it correct?

Dear Saravanan,

In general homeopaths advise that you should not take anything (except water) by mouth for some time (say 30 min.) before and after taking a homeopathic medicine. But this generalisation is not entirely true. Homeopathic medicines can even be given with food if the condition demands.

There is no general restriction against fish also. You can take it if it’s part of your normal diet. There are some people and some medicines which show sensitivity to fish and /or sea food. Such cases may need to avoid it. Your homeopath can tell you if the medicine he is giving you has any such sensitivity. If not, you can eat fish without any hesitation.

Best wishes,

Dr. B

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