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Frequent modifications in therepies or medicines mark a question upon reliability of system

Frequent modifications in therepies or medicines mark a question upon reliability of system

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“Therapies which have such undefined boundaries, that they may at any time accept new remedies, and may like wise retain or reject old remedies, cannot offer the security necessary in service of a patient,and in the intrest of science.
To create a therapy with sharply defined
boundaries,has been for a long time,my endeavour”
…..By Dr.William.H.Schuessler,1874

What is your opinion and how these words of Dr.Schuessler(Inroducer of Biochemic System) are justified?

Hi Vijay,

I personally can not relate to these words. I think Dr. Schuessler was a bit too impressed with the science. Medicine is not a set of laws to build a building. It can not have fixed boundaries. Human organism and life in general is very dynamic in nature. There are multitude of factors within our body that affect our body and there are equally numerous factors outside our body that can affect our body. If you run some statistics (permutations and combinations) for such factors, you will relaise that there are millions of possible ways in which all those factors can affect human health. The dynamism of human health and the process of disease will make it impossible for any medical science to become static and fixed. A system which is flexible enough to change with the need of the time is the best possible one. Every day we have newer disease forms, the environmental factors are changing, the socio-cultural setup of every nation is under flux, the human susceptability is also changing. How can a medical system have sharply defined boundaries if there is so much chaos in the people on which it has to be applied? The system has to be dynamic – as dynamic as is the process of health and disease. Only then it will be able to serve the humanity indefinitely. Rigidity and lack of change are no guarantee for security. Security comes with an ever increasing ability to understand the process of health and disease and from the ability to change with our understanding of that process and the factors that affect it.

Best Wishes,
Dr. B

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