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Heart rate too fast

Posted by: ahmed

My name is Ahmed and i am male of 25 years old boy.My weight is 44kg.I have been suffering from problem when heart rate goes fast after taking food. one day i returned home from university in summer and i felt breathless and pain in chest.from then onwards my heart started pounding and i feel restless after taking food in morning and after lunch within 1 hour my heart starts to pound and palpitation becomes hard and felt in head hands and chest between 3 to 5pm. then it gets automatically ok. i am a lean and weak boy.and cannot lay onto bed in afternoon.Also palpitation is felt whenever i eat excess food or spicy food. When i wake up in morning perspiration starts to come on my palms but this happens more in summer season During day time my pulse remains fast and as day passes it becomes normal. I start to feel my heart beatafter eating lunch and breakfast. Also perspiration comes on my hand and i also have anxiety problem. kindly suggest a remedy for my problem.My condition also gets worse after taking tea or warm milk or after eating lots of food or heavy food.when i lay on bed for sleep or when i travel after that my heart pounds and my pulse goes fast and i start to feel palpitation and can hear palpitation as well. i alwaysfeel physically restless with palpitation.Palpitation also comes to me with anxiety as well.In normal situation also when i go to bed i feel palpitation but after eating food it becomes pounding and hard palpitation. heart also pounds when i go upstairs or do a little exhursion. also after eating heavy food my heart starts to pound and palpitate.heart beat becomes irregular after taking food and at times i feel pain in chest as well.My problem gets worse in warm weather. now the problem over the course has decreased but not completely gone as i have taken homeopathic medicines.summer weather aggravates the problem..I have under gone t3 t4 and tsh test and report is normal. i also have digestion problem.All of this problem is for 8 years now.music also aggravates my problem. i have used argentum nit 30 and phosphorous 30 that brought a little improvement then again the same problem started. lately i used natrum mur 30 but no improvement.I shall be thankful to you if you could guide me in this regard

Dear Ahmed,

This is the beginning of a good case for homeopathy. Such as case should be handled in person, so I suggest you find an experienced homeopath. The homeopath will take much more information and manage your case. Contact the homeopathy organization in your country for a referral. You can find that information here: https://hpathy.com/homeopathy-organizations/