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Hi Dr. B,Can syringoma be cured through homeopathy? If yes, how does it work?

Hi Dr. B,Can syringoma be cured through homeopathy? If yes, how does it work?

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Hi Dr. B,
Can syringoma be cured through homeopathy? If yes, how does it work?

Hi Debbie,

Considering syringomas are ductal benign tumors, I would give them the prognosis that Homeopathy offers to other similar benign tumors – good. And if the basic principles of Homeopathy are followed, then no disease is different as far as the approach towards homeopathic treatment is concerned. Because in Homeopathy the rule is to ‘Treat the person, not just the disease’.

And when I speak about treating the person, I mean to say that the factors which lead to the development of a particular illness; the reasons which make a person fall ill in a particular way; the susceptability of the person should be taken into account. I have found there is often a family history of skin lesions, often allergic manifestations. But that is not a rule. I have a patient under me for the same complaint. I can tell you the results in a few months time. This particular patient has a very strong family history of skin ailments. Mother suffered from syringomas-took homeopathic treatment and has been well since past 10 yrs! The father and the grand mother have allergic dermatitis. So there is a strong inheritance factor. And that itself gives me more reasons to believe that with proper miasmatic treatment the patient can get over this complaint.

I hope this helps,

Dr. B

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  • Hello docteur. I’m very happy to hear it possible to cure the syringoma by homeopathy. I’ve got an eruptive syringoma since 10 years and would like to try something. If they be better I’ll be happy. I know you can’t discribe what you give to cur this but I’m so desperat and need some help. I live in Belgium and here novody can’t help me and they grow up bu never gone it’s so horrible, Idon’t understand why they are nothing for this.

  • Hello, Can you tell me every homeopath could treat this ? I’m from Belgium and suffering by this condition.

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