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Female with painful cystic acne on face; swelling of upper eyelids with stringy discharge; what is the eye symptom called

Female with painful cystic acne on face; swelling of upper

Posted by: Stefanie

Hi, I am a 38 yo female with painful cystic acne on face and I have also had swelling of upper eyelids with stringy discharge for about 5 years now. The upper eyelids, in the morning are severly swelled (mainly left eye), have pressure, and constantly drains this whiteish discharge. Until the swelling goes down and the discharge almost all come out I am disorientated, foggy, cannot concentrate, feel weak… However, the eyes, even when not very swollen always seem to have this stringy discharge. These 2 symptoms cystic acne, and the eyes ….. can you suggest a remedy. I have several tissue salts that I am considering taking, but I need the correct and most useful dosage, and if you can tell me what the eye sypmtom is called- what is the condition? I have searched and searched, gone to every dr, and nobody can tell me. I’d appreciate any information. Thank you so much.

The eye symptoms may be found in the general category “allergic blepharitis”, which is just another way of saying allergic inflammation of the eyelids. In the short term, you may look to see if there’s something you’re allergic to in your environment. Regarding the cystic acne, it’s possible a remedy such as silica could help–perhaps 2-3 doses of 30C, separated by 12 hours. Then a single dose may need to be repeated every 3-4 weeks as needed.

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