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Fear of Flying, Homeopathy and Essences

Fear of Flying, Homeopathy and Essences

Posted by: Casey

Hi, I have Mimulus, Easy AirTravel (homeopathic remedy for fear of flying which contains aconitum nap 30c, arg nit 30c, and arsenicum alb 30c) and Ativan. My question is can all of these be taken around the same time or will they have affects on it. I am getting on a plane and I am very nervous, I want to take the homeopathics first, but if they don’t work very good I want to take the Ativan.
Casey Miller

Dear Casey,

You could read the remedy’s description and find which fits your symptoms the best. The 3 homeopathic remedies are big “anxiety remedies”. and you can check on the Hpathy website for a description… in summary, Aconitum is fear of death, sudden, Arg Nit anxiety, obsessive, sugar craving, Arsenicum is obsessive compulsive and will want someone to help…. The combination of these 3 is called AAA and a lot of homeopaths suggest to take the 3 remedies at the same time if it is easier…. so do what is convenient…. do not hesitate to repeat as soon as the symptoms seem to worsen.

Good luck, and enjoy the flight 🙂


Thierry Clerc
Homeopath & Nutrition consultant in Cambridge

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Thierry Clerc

Thierry Clerc LCPH, MSc practices homeopathy in Cambridge (England). He is a graduate of the College of Practical Homeopathy (London). Prior to this, he enjoyed a successful career as an executive in the telecommunications industry. When fate hit him with a severe bout of arthritis, he went back to France to see his old homeopath, and after prompt cure, decided to study and become one!


  • ACONITE- 1.Fear of death with prediction of time.2.Fear of crowds(boards last).3.Fear is etched on their face, gnawing fists-biting nails. 4.Frightened by the intangible unreal.5. Face red and pale alternates. 6.Restless mentally.7.Anxious, worried +++.8.Symptoms < at night, so avoids night flights.
    ARG-NIT-1.Anticipatory apprehension before the flight.Fearful.2.Nervous diarrhoea(can start a few days before the journey)3.Agg. in a closed room(eg.departure lounge.4.Claustrophobic+++in plane:so chooses an aisle seat for easy escape.5.Eats sweets/chocs to relieve nervous tension.6.Fear of looking down from height, avoids looking down through windows.
    ARS-ALB-1.Fastidious,neat,clean/tidy:Appearance,baggage etc.2.Strong fear of being left alone.Even if traveling companion goes to toilet,temporarily becomes fearful.3.Fear of death.4.Restless:Mentally and physically-makes him exhausted,so on arrival totally prostrated.5.Anxious,full of anguish.6.Sensitive and easily vexed if the plane is delayed. Gets cross with the cabin crew if drink is spilled over.

    As a classical homoeopath, only one single remedy is used, so use the most indicated remedy, hope this helps.

    Reference from: Classical Homoeopathy for an Impatient World. Rapid Classical Prescribing by Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea.

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