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Can homeopathy help me get taller?

Can homeopathy help me get taller?

Posted by: Faria khan

Hi sir! am 25Female 4rm pakistan…
my height is 5’2.8inchess… sir i want to increase my height…
2nd i heared abt baryta carb30 , silicea, symphytum Q5… is better 4gaining Height ??? Please ANswer me also @my mail add

Dear madam,
I am sorry to hear about your height. However, I am sure this does not prevent you of being a wonderful person. After 21-25, the body usually stops growing as then our levels of “growth hormones” stabilise. Homeopathy can not make you artificially taller.
Over time, you will realise that the right people are attracted by your mental and emotional qualities. The physical aspects play a role somtimes for some people only in the attraction in the beginning.
All the best, Thierry Clerc

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Thierry Clerc

Thierry Clerc

Thierry Clerc LCPH, MSc practices homeopathy in Cambridge (England). He is a graduate of the College of Practical Homeopathy (London). Prior to this, he enjoyed a successful career as an executive in the telecommunications industry. When fate hit him with a severe bout of arthritis, he went back to France to see his old homeopath, and after prompt cure, decided to study and become one!


  • sir i m 20 years old and my height is only 5 feet. My my mom is 5’3 and my dad is 5’6 and only I am shorter. Sir please help me suggest some medicine that can truly increase my height.

  • Dear sir, my is height 5’7″ and my age is 21. Someone suggested me to take bartya carb 30 silicea 12x and sympytum q5 can these medicines help me to increase my height. Please reply.

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