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Hoeompathy for hypertension and skin problem

Hoeompathy for hypertension and skin problem

Posted by: Dr.Sarim Kashmiri

One of my patient is surring by hypertension for the last 25 years.He had been under thr treatment of dirrerent homeo doctors who used almost all thje medicines covering his different symptoms. However, he could not be cured and ultimately he went into the hands of allopathic doctors.He got timely relief and the medication went on. Some 10 years ago,the patient fell a victem to Lichen Planus and it was the time when he came back to homeo doctors.I had a chance to treat him but the lichen never yielded comletely.Recovery of some patches was seen but the diseased appeared on other places.Presenty,lichen has establihed itself into big pathes , mostly on the outer sides of the legs and graguallym it it seems as if the disease is genelisin itself. This is the current position and the patient is taking allopathic medicines to control the B.P.The patiently is mentally worried since a long time due to his home and financial problems and the circumstances are still unchanged.
I am looking for help to treat him of his B.P and the skin problem.
Please come ahead and join hands with me to cure the patient.
His present age is 69.I am providing him all the consultation and medicine just on the humanitarin grounds.

With so many thanks………Your Friend -Dr.Sarim Kashmiri


If homeopaths start treating the hypertension or the ‘skin condition’, they will only meet with failures and it is better for the patient to go to an allopath in such a case. Homeopathy is based on the holistic philosophy. The underline is ‘Treat the sick, not just the sickness’ and it takes lot of effort and patience to treat the ‘sick’. Cures don’t come easily, especially if one is trained to use homeopathy in an allopathic fashion.

If you have not absorbed the Organon yet, do it and you will see a difference in not just this case but every other case that will follow.

Best wishes,
Dr. Manish Bhatia

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