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Hole in the heart

Hole in the heart

Posted by: Sanjay Gupta

Dear Sir,My 4 year child has hole in the heart.
Colour doppler Report details are:
Visceroatrial situs solitus.SVC and IVC draining to right atrium.All pulmonary viens seen draining into left atrium.Normally related ventricles and great vessels.Dilated right atrium and right ventricle.Other chambers are normal in dimensions.No regional wall motion abnormalities.Good global left ventricular/right ventricular systolic function.All valves are normal.IAS has 21mm ostium secondum ASD.Superior rim of ASD is 6.7mm.Inferior rim is 10mm.No clot/vegetation/effusion.Normal sized pulmonary artery and its branches.
Doppler:-Left to right shunt at the level of ASD.Mild mitral regurgitation.No pulmonary hypertension/pulmonary stenosis.
Please Please advise me how can homeopathy help to cure my childs disease.Regards Sanjay Gupta India

Dear Sanjay,

Once an ASD is diagnosed, treatment will depend on the child’s age and the size, location, and severity of the defect. In kids with very small ASDs, the defect may close on its own. Larger ASDs usually won’t close, and must be treated medically. Most of these can be closed in a cardiac catheterization lab, although some ASDs will require open-heart surgery. I have come across anecdotal reports from homeopaths where cases with ASD or VSD have been helped with homeopathy but there has been no large scale study. I general homeopathy tries to help the body heal itself (which it does in small ASD’s) so a child with ASD might be given constitutional treatment on the basis of his/her medical history and family history.

A child with a small defect that causes no symptoms may simply need to visit a pediatric cardiologist regularly to ensure that there are no problems; often, small defects will close spontaneously without any treatment during the first years of life. In general, a child with a small ASD won’t require restrictions on his or her physical activity. In most children with ASD, though, doctors prefer to close the defect if it has not closed on its own by the time a child is old enough to start school.

Wishing health to your son,
Dr. Manish Bhatia

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    • I have a baby he s just 11/2 yr has a hole in his heart and autrin narrow can it be cure by homeopathy treatment plz let me now

        • The measurement is not written in the report . But reports say tiny additional mid muscular vsd . But my baby s too normal . Only in the morning he change in little blue color lip . After having his breakfast he s normal like all the kids

          • assalaamu alaikum,
            my name is mohammad mubeen, i m basically from karnataka.., i have 4 month baby girl, she having a heart problem, doctor told she having heart problem when she born , she having a 5mm whole in heart, my baby also some time looking like black color , and some time looking like normal babies,

  • Hi Sir,

    My son has a birth defect of vsd with the 4mm in size. Now he is 2 yrs. We take him to regular check up regularly. doctor says that the hole become 5mm*4mm, so he needs surgery as he is not gettiing weight gain.

    Please tell me some naturopathy medicine to cure him rather than surgery.

    Thanks for ur help, Your not only saving my son ‘s life and my life too.


  • Sir,
    My daughter is suffering with VSD ( Ventrical Septem Deffect ) problem since her birth time. Now she is eight years three months old. The VSD size have observed 2.97 to 3.0 mm. The doctor has advised for surgery.
    I want to know is there any homoeostatic medicine for this .

    Brijeshwar Singh
    From Jaipur Rajasthan

  • Sir
    My sala is 20year old .when he was about 6year we know that hole is in his hert .now please give guidens .Please tell which homoeopathy medcin dignos his problem. .

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