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Homeopathy for watery stool

Homeopathy for watery stool

Posted by: Alfred Richard

My son is nine and a half months, he is been passing watery stool for the last twelve days. He had high fever a day before he started passing watery stool. We have been giving him homeopathic treatment. Today he passed stool thrice. However, he is not dehydrated, eats well, and is not cranky either. Could this be due to teething? (He hasn’t shown typical signs yet) And do you think it is adviceable to carry on with this homeopathic treatment?

‘Teething’ by itself does not cause diarrhoea. Kids repeatedly put their hands and anything that they can get hold of, in their mouth during dentition and that often causes the infection. Also a lot f vital energy is spent at the time of dentition and that also makes children susceptible to cold, flu, fever and diarrhoea. 2-3 stools a day by itself is not a matter of concern watery stool is. And 12 days is a bit too long to treat a diarrhoea. It should ideally respond totally in a period of 24 to 72 hours. The protracted course indicates an imperfect selection of remedy. It’s either time to change the remedy or change your homeopath!

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Dr. Manish Bhatia

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