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Homeopathic cure for myopia

Homeopathic cure for myopia

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Is there any homeo cure for severe myopic conditions. My daughter has a -13 defect. If not cure it completely can we reduce the severity?

It appears to me that your daughter is suffering from a form of myopia called pathological myopia. It starts very young and increases with age. I am sorry to say that Homeopathy does not offer a radical cure for such high myopic conditions. If the treatment is started quite early, it may help to slow down the progress of the condition. In cases of non-pathological myopia where the eyesight is not very week, homeopathy medicines can help one to get rid of the glasses.
My personal suggestion would be to give homeopathic treatment a try. Miracles do happen!

Wishing health to your daughter,
Dr. B

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  • How old is your daughter? It could be that her eyes have a binocular problem such as convergence insufficiency that makes it tougher for the eyes to work together as a team and therefore reading and other close work creates a lot more stress on the eyes than it otherwise would. For pathological myopia I would also consider her mineral nutrition intake and blood sugar fluctuations as these things affect the rigidity of the sclera of the eye. Feel free to contact me via email and/or look at my website. Thanks.

  • I m pooja just21yrd . I hv shortsightdnss of -4.5 of both eyes.I m trying drishti of patanjli from last 5 months but no improvmnt. plz advice me best hpathic medicine suitable for me for imptoving my eyesight, to get rid of spectcles.

  • Respected Sir,

    My 3 year old daughter has recently been diagnosed with -4.00 & -3.5 in left & right eye, cylindrical. Please advise whether homeopathy can help us in reducing the power. Also please advise whether she should wear spectacles 24/7 ?

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